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                                         LETTER OF RECOMMENDATION




I am very pleased to write about A.S.M. Kamaluddin, one of the best undergraduate students. He was my direct student from 2003-2006. He graduated in September 2006 from University of Technology. He is currently working as a Lecturer in the Department of Electrical and Electronic Engineering in University of Technology.

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As a direct teacher, I found A.S.M. Kamaluddin with outstanding competency in solving complex logical problems and thinking in scientific matters. He had a very strong background in engineering problems to reach to the heart of a challenging problem through his deep insight in analyzing it first and to formulate the possible solution through his exceptional dexterity in logical thinking and ingenuity of mathematics. He successfully finished the final year B.Sc.Engg. Project after doing research on ‘Micro Controller Operated Robot using Photo sensor guiding system’ under my supervision. He has also published a Conference paper based on this thesis in ASCIM, 07, Malaysia.


His pre-university academic result was also outstanding. The quality of his integrity and coolness to realise and analyze a topic is impressive. I believe he has a very good potential to pursue his career to doctorate level.


He can communicate well in English both verbally and in writing. He possesses a strong personality and has the quality to work with others in a group, to act as an organizer or to take the leadership of a group just as he is able to work independently. He has good inquisitive and analytical mind with interest towards challenging work and is capable of producing positive result. As a summary of this young man, I can tell he is part creative, part free spirited individualist and one hundred percent passionate about technology.


I am glad to know that he is trying for admission to your graduate program. For his superior qualities, I recommend him very strongly for admission to your graduate program. I also recommend him highly for any possible financial assistance in the form of Fellowship/ Scholarship/ R.A/ T.A.



I wish him every success in his career.





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