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Leaving our distressed lives, we dream to get away from our regular schedule to give ourselves the break we deserve. January has a long 3-day weekend along with 3 regular ones. For bikers, these are 4 opportunities to get on their bikes and ride away. I’m sharing a few road trips directly from my bucket-list. However, let me also warn you that some of these trips include rough road conditions along with extreme uphills. Make sure your bike is in great condition before you commence your trip. I’d recommend you getting a basic check done at a local garage to before each trip to make sure your engine, brakes, engine oil, tyres are fit and fine. For engine oil, you should shift to a performance oriented engine oil something like the Castrol POWER1 engine oil. It’ll help your bike to deliver the performance you would need on the rough terrain. 1. Mumbai To Goa:  ‘Road trippin’ from Mumbai to Goa is one of the top choices, especially for the ‘Mumbikers’ and the bikers from Pune owing to the mesmerising scenic beauty of the western ghats surrounding you. The 590 km Pune-Kolhapur NH48 highway with 4 lanes should be your most preferred choice for the trip and can be covered in about over 10 hours. There’s also another route, the Chiplun-Ratnagiri route via the NH66 which is about 577 kms and can be covered in over 12 hours. Thrill loving bikers would enjoy the latter as the route is filled with winding roads, narrow curves and nut and coconut plantations running alongside the roads. 2. Visakhapatnam to Araku Valley:Cruising along the Bay of Bengal and the Eastern Ghats, Visakhapatnam to Araku Valley bike trip is one of the most adventurous biking routes. The 3 hour and 116 km long highway is filled with curved roads surrounded with the hills and coffee plantations on either sides. You can make this a relaxing 2-day trip with stopovers at Borra caves and Tatipudi reservoir. 3. Guwahati To Tawang:Guwahati to Tawang is perhaps one of the must-take bike trips in India. I’ve been wanting to go here since I’ve known about the route. Trees on either sides with a river flowing along, this 500 kms route can be covered in 14 hours. The best time to go riding here is March to October. Don’t forget to enjoy the momos locally available along with the scenery and the monasteries.     4. Bangalore To OotyThe mesmerising route from Bangalore to Ooty passes from lush green forests and mountains. The ride between scenic landscapes filled with lush green tea plantations and majestic waterfalls and lakes is an experience in itself. The six-hour 278 Kms ride on the NH275 will definitely attract landscape and nature lovers. You could also take a stopover at Mysore or Wellington or Coonoor to checkout the historic places or camp for the night. Happy Riding.Tags: Castrol, castrol engine oil, castrol power1, castrol power1 enigne oil,

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