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Learning a foreign language in high
school often leads to numerous students developing stress and sleepless night (
. Students many times stress over having to learn a complete new language and
having to learn it because they’re somewhat being forced into it because these
students want their high school credits. High school students should have a say
or at least a choice to learn a new language in high school. Students should
also have a choice on which language they want to take at the least.

foreign languages you learn in your middle and/or high school career are
assistive in life, but not all of the time. Most high school students only take
the foreign language course to get a high school diploma credit ( Numerous graduated high school
students have disregarded all most all of the knowledge the graduated students
we’re taught ( Students have
a great deal of homework to do that is in their language, that they truly
understand thoroughly ( A lot
of money, time, and effort is devoted and put into learning a foreign language

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spend countless hours memorizing grammar and vocabulary (  
When taking this foreign language class, ask yourself as a student why
you are even taking this class. Are you taking it because you want too? Or
because you are being forced into so you can graduate? In two thousand and two
thousand six, the General Social Society (GSS) asked over four thousand citizens
three questions; “Can you speak a language other than English?” “How well do
you speak this language?” and “Is that a language you learned first as a child
at home, in school, or you learned somewhere else?” 25.7% of the people said that
they knew another language other than English. 41.5% claimed to speak the
language “very well (”

is over sixty-nine thousand different languages and dialects around the world
( In the United States, there are six different languages
taught, French, Spanish, Italian, Chinese, Japanese, and German ( Spanish is the most
studied language in the United States. Fifty percent of elementary and high
school students take Spanish (
Most high school students would like to have a choice on which language they
learn for their one to four-year high school career. One point five billion
people of the world’s seven and a half billion people speak English ( Those seven billion
people that speak English seem to get along on a daily basis.

some of the millions of high school students, they may have to pay for a tutor
to help them with the students foreign language class ( When students have a question
outside of the foreign language classroom they may not always be offered with
the correct answer because not everyone can provide an answer in a foreign
language ( Most jobs in the
world do not require the applicant or employee to speak more than one language ( English is the International
Lingua of Franca of Business. Meaning that English is the language systematically
used to make communication possible between people who do not share the same
language ( Fifty of the
worlds one hundred ninety-five countries speak English or are beginning to
learn English, despite us americans are learning their languages ( 

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