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Leadership and Management Style are important because these
are the major factors that make everything work together seamlessly. Successful
implementation of charge or the capacity of executive leadership in
organizational action fields (sturdy and Grey 2003, Wanberg and Banas 2000. As
cited in taylog – Bianco and shernehorn Jr. , 2006). This study aims on how
leaders can motivate the staff by involving them in decision-making, which
inspires them to be a part of the vision and makes them contributing to the
success of the organization. And to know the leadership and Management style of
Barangay. Felisa.


Leadership is the ability to
provide direction toward preferred future. Aspiration and aligns the followers
toward goals achievement (Kelly-Heidenthal, 2004). Transformational Leadership
focuses on how the followers can be motivated, guided and directed to achieve
the goals of the work by the leaders (Sullivan & Decker, 2005). This study
aims to how leader should inspire the staff by being a model of a hardworking,
responsible and motivational person. And all the employee in the department
should had a personality for being hardworking, motivational, a good
communication and a person w/ a song personality that inspires others.

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Modern organization are complex are
required flexibility personality and Management. Leadership is dynamic and is
built by means of an ongoing process requiring considerable time and organizational
resources and culture. (Flershman,Mumford, Zaecaro Levin, Korotkinm, &
aein, laal). Previous studies on Leadership and organizational affirm
leadership’s significant role in streering organizational culture and organizational
change. (rhyme 2008).


                We conduct this study to know
the Leadership and Management Style of Barangay Felisa on how to run the
organization and styles that keeps good employee. Leadership and Management
Style practiced in an organization and their effect on employee performance.
The purpose of this study to know on how the Barangay Official managed their
own Barangay and to their communities also to the people who needs help or in times
of emergency.


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