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Leaders are used to control and command certain groups of people in order to organise them to perform to their best extent, there are no rules or boundaries attached to being a leader so anyone can take up the role. Although in most cases there is only one person assigned to being a leader, there can be multiple leaders at once either guiding one group or forming a command hierarchy where leaders are stacked on top of each other. This is mostly used in the military, called a chain of command where higher ranked soldiers can send orders down to the lower ranked personnel. (Wikipedia.)Most leaders cannot be picked by skill alone and must be experienced in the role, this means that a lot of hard work and dedication must be put in to become a leader and can’t be done hastily as leaders have a lot of responsibility and if things go wrong and various outcomes of bad leadership can range from bad sales in a retail shop to putting lives at risk in the military, either way it is unacceptable so the process of choosing a suited leader can be difficult but rewarding if done right. A good leader needs to have many key skills, many are team based but a leader must be able to work as an individual. A leader must be able to self-assess themselves, this means that they can recognise their own strengths and weakness’, using that to their advantage in order to be the best leader they can. As well as knowing what they can do, it’s important to know what they like and dislike to do, someone who likes the task given is more likely to perform better although that does not mean you won’t do things you dislike doing but it means because it’s less frequent you are more likely to work harder in doing it. Sharp perception is important because it translates honest communication within your team, making sure that your team enjoy working with you and that you aren’t stressing them by acting aggressive. The best way to find out what people think of you is to ask them because it shows trust within your group.Basic skills and techniques are required in order to be a successful leader such as communication (Speaking and Listening), motivation, risk taking, team building and setting goals. Communication is a key part of being a leader and is needed to give information. Speaking to a group of people can be difficult sometimes but improving your speaking skills will help immensely to becoming a strong leader, show positive body language, speak clearly and confidently to keep people interested on what you’re saying. You must be able to be a good listener too if you want people to listen to you, to be an engaged listener you must be fully focused on what you’re being told, show interest in what is being said and provide feedback to help them. Providing motivation for your team can be difficult, showing how their work is important is a smart way to keep people motivated, it’s a positive experience knowing the work you’re doing is for the better so reminding and rewarding your team of how well they are doing will help keep people working to the best of their ability. Motivation is used in all jobs, places of learning need to use motivation to keep the students focused and learning. Although this can be difficult finding the best way to motivate can significantly increase the quality of work produced and make a much happier learning environment. Another way to keep people motivated is to simply allow for a more relaxed working environment, leaders need to be able to let their team have breathing room while working, a happy working environment is much healthier for everyone. Risk taking is one of the most important assets a leader can have, having the ability to access a risk and make the decision of going for it in order to reach your goal or choosing a safer route is necessary in being a leader. Risk taking most commonly occurs in medical jobs where you need to find the best route to help a person, this can be from a normal injury or literal life or death so it is important to know how and when to choose a risky decision. Risk taking can show up often so you need to be ready in order to deal with it, losing to the odds can be devastating in some cases so you must take caution when making tough decisions.Team building is the ability in which leaders can put together effective groups that can work together well to complete a task or achieve a set goal. If a team is unable to work together it is usually the leader’s responsibility to own up for the mistake and set things right. Achieving goals is only possible after setting goals which is why a leader must be able to set goals for themselves, individuals or whole teams. Goals must be realistic but ambitious to make people try and achieve it. Attaching rewards to goals is also a good way to make your team want to reach the goal as well as keeping a positive attitude while working. (University Alliance.)

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