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and policies are two interrelated terms, yet they having different purposes. Nation
can’t go forward without having laws and policies.


      Laws is use to apply justice in society,
and consists of set of standards, principles, and procedures that must be
followed by society. Where, polices outline what is allow and what is not

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Flowing are two famous Health Insurance regulations:

 Health Insurance Portability and
Accountability Act (HIPAA)

 HIPAA allows employees to applied health
insurance when they lose their group health insurance or change their job, even
if they have a preexisting health condition. If an employee qualifies, he
cannot be denied insurance because of his medical history.


Protection and Affordable Care Act

      It is a Federal law. Affected all individuals and groups of employers and
employees, whether currently covered, seeking coverage or previously not
interested in coverage.


searching we found out health insurance polices classified as:

1-Environment: the company is working against
deviations in quality of service. Fully comply with environmental regulations
in every country in which they operate. Ensure that environmental
considerations are integrated into their business decisions. Using risk
assessment methods to identify potential environmental risks to their
businesses. Always companies try to minimize the environmental impact of their
operations, concentrating particularly on the use of energy, waste disposal,
water discharges and land management.


2-people: Who Can Look at and Receive customers’
Health Information.

information will be shared and used by doctors, families and hospitals.
However, health information
cannot be used or shared without patient permission. For example, without patient
authorization, health insurance’s company cannot: sell,
use or share any information related to patient for marketing or advertising


3- other services: All health plans must
cover basic benefits



and newborn care

health and substance abuse services


services and devices

7-Lab tests

8-Dental and vision care
for children  

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