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Lauren LackeyVote English 2 12 January 2018This novel shows how the rules of civilization are overcomed by savagery behavior when rules are applied. In the Novel Lord of the Flies, William Golding shows the need for civilization through the character of Ralphs orderly government compared to the savagery behavior of Jack.Ralphs orderly government proves the need for civilization. Ralph tries to bring order onto the island while he insists, “If we have a signal going, they’ll come and take us off. And another thing we ought to have more rules where the conch is, that’s a meeting. The same up here as down here” (Golding 40). Having the assemblies is important, because everyone understands the power the couch holds and that is how the meetings run smoothly. Ralph gathers all the boys to the meetings to construct rules as a sense of civilization and keep everything normal with no adult supervision in a hostile environment. Ralph introduces the conch as it represents order and encourages respect for each other: “That’s what this shells called. I’ll give thee conch to the next person to speak. He can hold it when he’s speaking” (Golding 21). The couch is used for authority over the boys to gather them as a whole so civilized meetings happen. Having a successful device that keeps the boys in line is important because it helps them recognize who has the right to speak which keeps everything calm. Ralph’s main goal on the island is to keep everything as normal as possible in order to survive safely while Jack creates a group of boys who hunt for survival with the lack of civilization.     Without any rules, savagery starts to fall in place resulting in the boys to be free to whatever they desire. Jack continues to bring out the hunters inner savagery as he suggests the war paint. “While the others nodded. They understood only too well the liberation into savagery that the concealing paint brought” (Golding 191). The war paint let the boys do whatever they want without any consequences because it pulled out the evil in them which progressively strengthened as the novel went on. As they lose their humanity they are free from responsibilities causing a lack of civilization in Jack’s tribe. Jack suggests burning the fire out because he thinks they can light it another time: “we’ll let the fire burn out now. Who would see smoke at night-time, anyway? And we can start the fire again whenever we like” (Golding 35). The fire is a sign they need to be rescued to go back to society. Ironically at the end of the Novel a fire attracts a ship to the island which ended up not being the signal fire. As a result, the fire which is used as a signal becomes a connection to civilization for the boys. As Jack successfully shows how losing all humanity results in savagery and violence can lead to the inner beast and all the boys.In the novel Lord of the flies, William Golding creates Ralph that portrays the importance of rolls in civilization and Jack who loses those rules resulting in a take over of evil and loss of humanity in the boys.Works Cited                                                          Golding, William, and Edmund L. Epstein. Lord of the Flies: A Novel. New York: Perigee, 1954.

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