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Last year there was about 20 percent of youth crime had gone up. The teenagers under 18 years old have been convicted of shoplifting and burglary than ever. Why do the teenagers do like this? So this essay will discuss the reasons for this and provide some possible solutions.         The first reason is connecting with family. The children that come from broken family or poorhouse always miss edification and get the bad examples from their parents because their parent might work hard or do the example like small crime or sometimes their parents are impulsiveness. The second reason is children live in deteriorated inner-city areas. This makes them always see many bad examples such as drug trafficking, stealing and affray, so they might follow those bad examples. And the last reason is most of the children that from the poor house, they never study in school and low intelligence because their parents don’t have the money to support them to study or their parents don’t have the knowledge to teach their children. So children always grow up to be incompetent people, don’t have work, don’t have moneyand spent their life as same as their parents.         However, there are the ways to solve this problem. First, start with thefamily even if they are the poor or broken relationship, but the parents should cultivate good values to their children. The second, if children are studied, school and teachers should observe those risk students and solve students’ problems together. All of this teachers should support students to havehobbies or good activities and help students to plan for their future. The third, the government should help them such as modify deteriorated inner city area and provide the career to the people who don’t work. This makes them have money and then they won’t be stolen or they can support their children to study. And the last, society should observe the children if you see children did bad things, youshould impart implicated institution. And give the chance to the people that did the bad things on the part, this makes them won’t do that again. To sum up, several factors have led to increases in youth crime, but measures are available to tackle this problem.

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