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Krystal AlexanderNovember 27, 2017Film AnalysisProfessor Hunter Little Miss Sunshine – Grandpa Edwin HooverVery determined, a family goes beyond what they can afford to support their young daughter in a beauty pageant. “Little Miss Sunshine” was directed by Jonathan Payton and Valerie Faris. Little Miss Sunshine is a comedy and drama movie which is 110 minutes long. It was released in 2006. This family each have their own definition of what it means and cost to be a winner. Grandpa Edwin Hoover, in this movie, is who will be discussed in this small essay. Informing how will Edwin be helped to become a better role model.Olive Hoover, Dwayne Hoover, Frank Ginsburg, Richard Hoover, Sheryl Hoover, and Edwin Hoover, a dysfunctional family of six, hurry to the beauty pageant of 7 years old, Olive, at last minute. Olive has to learn from her dysfunctional family. Sheryl, reasonably sane, is the mom, Richard, unsuccessful motivational speaker, is the dad, Frank Ginsburg, tried to kill himself, is the uncle, Dewayne, have not spoken in 9 months, is the brother, and again Edwin, bad role model, is the grandfather. The family trip was very risky. The family travel from Albuquerque to California in a VW camper van that does not start until the van moving hoping Olive become Little Miss Sunshine with her grandpa training.Grandpa Edwin Hoover is in desperate need of a therapy assistance. Edwin thoughts on everything are as if there is no wrong. He taught Olive an inappropriate dance for finals. He snorts heroin. He does not care what he says and he uses bad language all the time. He served in WWll and now he is a single man which was kicked out of the retirement home for drugs and sleeping around. His philosophy is “you’d have to be crazy to do smack when you’re young, but when you get old, you’d be crazy not to”. One positive advice he gave to Olive is, ” A real loser isn’t someone who doesn’t win. A real loser is someone who is afraid of not winning and don’t even try”.Edwin’s microsystem is his family. His family is not perfect, but they try to tell him right from wrong, but he does not listen. He does not feel the need to censor himself or impress anyone anymore.  My overall response to Edwin’s behavior will first be the need to admit that he has some problems. He has to really want to change and agree with getting help. I, Krystal, as a Psychiatric Social Workers work with clients with mental health disorders. Edwin seems to suffer from Bipolar Disorder, Post-traumatic Disorder, and Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD). He needs therapy to understand these disorders, the consequences of his actions, and how to know when a manic or depressive episode is near and how to prepare for it. Starting with cognitive therapy is a great start. It will help him to understand his thoughts so that he can think about things more positively. Behavioural therapy will help him to change his actions that cause him harm or are unhelpful. I will set Edwin up for an interview with a Substance Abuse Social Worker. If he can stop snorting heroin, he will have a better control over his actions. The next step will be controlling what he says and stop using foul language. He needs to identify his triggers then learn how to avoid them. Using a swear jar or placing a rubber band around his wrist is a good idea. It is best for him to surround himself with positivity. Maybe if he finds a good woman, she will be the biggest positive influence on his life.Grandpa is a savage human being who does not care about anything. He should stop using drugs and surround himself with positivity. It will help him to become a better human being. He will learn how not to be such a savage and act civilized, especially to be a good role model for his family. Going to church or listening to classical music will also help him. Edwin Hoover died from a heroin overdose on the way to California in a motel. He would have lived longer with the help of the social workers. Maybe getting him to understand his importance and the role in his family would have made a positive change not only within him but a positive change in the whole family instead of a negative one.

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