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Kirtan Soni 12th December, 2017                           Business Schools in United Kingdom        a     image source:                                    A Business School is a university level institution that confers degrees in business administration or management. There are school known as school management, school of business administration or B-school also. Business School teaches topics such as economics, accounting, management, international business, public relations, real estate, research methods, marketing, etc.  There are years of education depending on the course student has selected, there are courses for undergraduate, postgraduate and for PhD also. The first year in Business school is like at the most schools, the first term or year is devoted to the core curriculum, designed to give studies a broad overview of the major areas of business. Students like to also take electives which provide a more narrow focus. There are new ways of teaching by every other business school.   The courses range are from finance, management and accounting to decision, science, organizational behavior and economics. Then there is Year 2 of the business school, B-School students spend a lot of time socializing, especially in the second year. Students can find business partners when they are socializing, especially with their classmates. Alumni are also an important part of the B-School experience. Students can get to learn from their views and experiences.                          Students also get chance to learn skills for B-School like time management, work life balance, networking, impression management, team work, etc. Business school will prepare the student to create or lead an organization, manage resource, develop effective operational strategies, etc. Once admitted, it required course work typically includes:- organizational behavior, marketing, accounting, finance, strategy and operations management.     Business school have been one of the biggest success stories of UK higher education since the 1950s. In 2010, there were more than 250,000 fulltime – equivalent students studying business and management at foundation, undergraduate and postgraduate levels. In publicly funded UK universities and another 20,000 in private institutions. There were 15% of all HE students in the UK. Business and management is now the largest discipline in UK higher education.   There is no ordinary history thought, In the beginning the people started getting interest in management education and it was growing in Europe, especially in the UK. Which was looking for an antidote to its economic and industrial decline relative to its major world – trading partners. There were some business schools which copied the American model. But not all school and institutions in Europe copied it. There were some changes made in 1990 in the MBA programs the UK.                         Some of the famous business schools in UK are London School of Economics, University of Cambridge, University of Bath School of Management, Leeds University Business School, Imperial College Business School. There are yearly ranking and league table for Business schools. They are ranked by legal websites and they are reliable. UK is one of the most important base for business school. People come from all country to learn business in UK. I asked some of the student studying business in UK. Their experience in UK has been good and effective as well. Most of them got to learn new things. The students were local and international as well. As UK is one of the best places to learn business people find it very effective to study business in UK. The only issue is it is costly to study business in UK.  Due to Brexit, people are thinking business school will change their pattern. We can see in some last year that universities have increased their tuition fees. For example, before some years the fees was 3,000 pounds per year but now the fees had increased to approx. 9,000 pounds. People protested for increasing the fees. Many people didn’t send their children for studying during this situation. People went protesting for their rights and many people couldn’t afford the tuition fees. There are new courses regarding new social and anti-hacking programs and courses for students in Business school so that they can get to learn from that also. The programs are specially designed in a way that students can easily learn and understand.      In my country, India the oldest business management school (XLRI) was founded in 1949. In 1953 IISWBM was the first institute in India to offer an MBA degree. University of Delhi is one of the amongst oldest universities in India. People in India started getting interested in studying business subjects during the evolution of business school started in India. It was a new subject for people to learn about. Many students would also go to abroad to study business.                                                            There are surveys and ranking taken in India every year. There are official websites for that. India’s teaching technique and system is a little different from UK. Some of things are same but teaching pattern differs from school to school. In the current period, students who like studying business select their degree and profession in business for their better future. There are specific courses designed for every type of student.   Students also like to select course which are unique and are new in the market. Teachers also help students in learning new things and schools offer them scholarship if they pretty good at what they are studying. There are study abroad programs as well in some schools and institutions. I asked some students in India as well for their experience in studying business in India, most of the students find the modules and assessment in India very friendly and effective for gaining some good experience in learning new things. The teachers usually in India helps the students in modules and assessments. Their quiz set some times set up by universities for students to get some practical knowledge.  Some of the B-School and institutions ins India are Indian Institute of Management Ahmedabad (IIM-A), ISB Hyderabad, IIFT Delhi, XLRI Jamshedpur, etc. There are government and private institutions in India as well. The education and modules are usually same in all the countries but the teaching pattern are different in each country.            Bibliography:-  1.)  2.)  3.)  4.)  5.)  6.)      

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