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state of body which is high on fats is a body on ketosis. As the body consumes
more amounts of fats and fewer amounts of carbohydrates, the breakdown of fats
leads to production of high amount of ketone bodies in the body.

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diet plan doesn’t ask you to stay hungry for hours. That’s probably the most
attractive part of this diet plan that you can indulge into large amounts of
fats, without any guilt.



Ketogenic diet:

about the main diet of ketosis, one should keep in mind that they are supposed
to consume high amounts of fats. The fact that fat breaks into ketone bodies that
is used up by our body to release energy is hidden from no one.

ketone bodies undergo the process of ketosis to release energy units that can
be directly used by our brain as well as other parts of the body.

This diet mainly focuses on keeping the protein and
carbohydrate content low, where as increasing the amount of fats and fiber.

Eat meat, chicken, fish, beef, pork and other sea food. Do
include cheese, fat yogurt, cream and ghee in large amounts. Nuts like walnut,
almonds, cashew nuts can also be included into the diet.

Don’t consume much of sweetened water, cereal and pulses. Do
also avoid all kinds of junk and processed foods.

Lastly don’t forget to have large amounts of water and fibers
to avoid constipation that this kind of diet brings in.





How to Reach Ketosis fast:

While you restrain your amount of
carbohydrate intake, do make sure that you consume right amounts of fibers to
avoid the constipation that this diet brings with it.

Make sure that you consume lesser proteins
while indulging in this diet. If you weigh 60 kilos, then you should consume not
more than 60 grams of protein per day. The most common mistake to reaching
ketosis is the intake of more protein.

You need to feel satisfied, and thus eat
more fats. Your diet can only be sustainable if you stay away from starvation.
Starvation diets don’t work, ever. A sensible diet will work better and longer.

When you are not hungry, don’t snack. When
you snack, it reduces the ketosis effects.





Ketosis Strips:

The most simple and cheap way to measure
ketosis is using ketosis strips. It’s good for the beginners

Dip the stick in your urine. If you get a
dark purple color, then your ketosis is confirmed.

These strips are easily available and are
pretty much reliable, but they don’t show the correct and accurate units of



Ketosis Constipation:

Ketosis diet can
make you constipated. This is because this diet is low on fibers and high on
fats. So in order to overcome the issue of constipation during a ketogenic diet
one should drink good amounts of water, anywhere in the range of 4-5 liters.

And indulge in good amounts of fibrous fruits and vegetables.

If you feel it’s still not helping then you might have to change your
diet plan.




Is ketogenic diet  safe:

As you walk into your first week of
ketogenic diet, you might encounter some side effects. Some noticeable side
effects include lethargy, irritatibility, cramps, and heart palpitations. These
side effects are not very serious and will subside quickly. Many of them can altogether
be avoided by consuming enough fluid and salt in the diet.


So, indulge yourself into this new diet plan
of ketosis. Keep yourself peaceful and stress free as you walk into this plan
of cleansing and lightening yourself. Happy ketogenic diet to you!

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