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Jury’s Inn Environmental and Social sustainability

The hotel tries to portray a positive impact – on society and the environment, and they plan on doing more than just growing a successful business. That’s why their new strategy is called Positive Impact, Jury’s Inn is built on strong ethical values. they have set goals and commitments that the hotels try as much as possible to meet this goals. And this guides the hotel to do more and make really good progress till date, but there are still much more the hotel plans on doing (J Brenan CEO).  Jury’s inn commitment to environmental & social responsibility includes:  Minimizing our waste production and reusing materials wherever possible, composting our organic kitchen waste, recycling all glass, plastic, cardboard and paper, Maintaining a minimal level of carbon emissions and maximizing efficiency wherever possible Using energy efficient lighting throughout the building where possible. Installing a new, energy efficient hot water heating system (2009). Conserving water and ensuring our operation causes no contamination in the environment. Installing water restrictors in showers and providing dual flush toilets wherever possible. Working with cleaning products that are manufactured without using persistent or bio- accumulative raw materials and are designed to minimize water and energy use. Giving guests an option to have their towels, bedding etc laundered as required. Treating all effluents to the requirements of Government legislation. Employing persons living in the local area wherever possible. Giving preference to products and services of local origin. Providing our employees with the training and resources required to meet our sustainability objectives. Supporting local community groups and environmental conservation efforts. Working with others in the tourism industry to achieve wider environmental awareness and stronger sustainability in the sector. Ensuring all new products or materials used around the hotel are, where ever possible, natural based and not artificial so that the impact of their use is minimal or non-existent. Keeping amplified music and the use of noisy appliances such as generators, blowers etc to a minimum. Openly communicating our sustainability policies and practices to guests, interested parties, school and university students. Minimizing the risk of emergency situations by following a maintenance program Constantly reviewing our operations to ensure that best practice is maintained in all aspects of the business at all times. Continually improving the hotels social & environmental benchmarking statistics. Undertaking a major review of environmental policy each year. Continuously improving environmental sustainability. 

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