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John Smith was a British explorer born on January 6 1580 in England. He grew up on his family’s farm. Working with his family on the farm, he learned about planting, raising,and harvesting crops. Also, he apprenticed a wealthy merchant at age 16 and 17 in his teens. Later he became  a cartographer, he mapped the coast of England, also he was a prolific writer. Beside having an interest in learning and writing, he learned other skills like riding a horse, and he studied horsemanship. He had an adventurous spirit, sailed for riches on his voyage, he got captured by pirates and luckily managed to escape. John Smith also conducted military training. His leadership skills gave him advantages to join the war on the Austrians side against the Ottoman Empire. Soon John Smith got caught by the Ottoman Empire and got brought to Turkey the next year, later escaped to Russia. A year later John Smith traveled to Hungary in 1601 as a mercenary to fight the Ottoman Empire, joining the war again. Later, he went to England and joined a group called the Virginia Company of London, which was planning to colonize in North America. John Smith’s books and maps were important in encouraging and supporting English colonization in the New World. John Smith and 100 colonists landed in Chesapeake Bay after long planning and organizing to sail to the New World. He became the leader of the successful English settlement in Jamestown Virginia in 1607. The English men and boys went there in hope of finding gold, none was found. They did not know how to farm. John Smith taught them how to plant crops, fish and hunt. Under Smiths rule fishing had to be regular, so did mining and hunting.The colonial leaders established a self government by writing their own rules and laws, so the House of Burgesses was formed. John Smith made contact with the Plymouth colony. The Plymouth colony also had their own self government, the Mayflower Compact. The land the colonists settled on was unclaimed. Later the colonists tried to take over the land that angered the natives which caused war to break out between the colonists and the natives. Now, the colony had enemies, the Powhatan Confederacy! There was war here and there between them but later on they became allies. The colonists coming from England were trading goods for corn. The peace did not last, John Smith got captured by the Powhatan leader and nearly got executed. Rumor has it the chief’s daughter Pocahontas saved him.

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