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Jaypee Group had paid a ransom amount of up to $400 million in order to
make the Buddh International Circuit. In 2011 the Jaypee group made a
remarkable history by staging the first ever F1 Indian Grand Prix that India
was waiting eagerly for. In 2011, a total of about 1 lakh tickets were sold to
the public whereas it wasn’t the same the following years.


The question is that if there was enough promotions, advertising and
marketing being made prior to event to host it successfully in order to attract
the advertisers?

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The answer is that, simply not much were done
to promote the event when it’s compared with cricket which is a religion in India.
There are lots of brands in case of cricket who wants to be a part of the event
if in case of say IPL but it’s not in the case of F-1 sadly but things may change
in the future but as of now this has been a major drawback even though Airtel spent
a lot of money for around Rs.34 crores for the event.


The fact is that in 2011, since something like this was happening for
the first time there were lot of excitement around. People were so eager to experience
the event for the first time from different parts of the country. But in 2012,
with the slowdown there weren’t many people interested to the event. There were
things that has to be down with the cost too considering the airfares going up
and people finding it less affordable to make it to the event. Adding to the
misery there weren’t any global sponsors as such as well. Leaving alone
Vodafone who were the sponsors for the McLaren team there weren’t any global sponsors
as such. So, Airtel had a huge weight on their shoulders to conduct the event
and if it wasn’t for Airtel F-1 might have never happened too in India. Some of
the international brand s like Tag Heuer, Hugo Boss, UBS who were among the global
sponsors didn’t have much of a presence in India and hence an Indian Circuit
did not did not give them the satisfaction in a global perspective and hence
Indian grand prix had to rely on Airtel and Vodafone who were the major players
in India. More over F1 as a sport was something regarded as a European phenomenon
which was only starting to develop on to the other countries.


The promotions which were seen in 2011 started
to be missing in 2012 and 2013. Advertisers had planned earlier and made the
necessary arrangements for the event way ahead earlier in 2011 and hence had
advertising time both in print ads and TV as well which was never seen in the following
years. The blame could not put onto Indian sponsors as F-1 had the sponsorship and
media rights. This also could be seen as a drawback as well for instance in IPL,
BCCI is involved in promoting the event but in F-1, they do not do any
promotions particularly in new circuits. If that had been done things might
have had a change considering India being a motorsport country having a lots amount
of Motor sport clubs and also considering the fact that that India is equipped
with large market of Automobile companies too. It was again surprising to not
see automobile companies like Renault who in fact is a sponsor of leading Team
in F-1 who supply Engines.  


Looking at the ratings for the year 2010, F-1
had crossed 1+ ratings which in fact which was high for any sport (not taking
cricket into consideration here).Relating it to football and F-1 in other
countries where only a rating in the range of 0.2- 0.5 was seen per match and
considering the demand of F-1 in India, it was always likely to go down.


In case of Social Media marketing, Red bull
stood out from the rest in promoting their team for better fan followers but
rest of them were a bit quiet. Even though most of the teams had huge social
media outreach in Facebook and Twitter, they could have done more.

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