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Japan aimed to establish a foundation for the development of capitalism in this area by launching an aggressive campaign in northeastern China in September 1931 and setting up a ” Manchukuo ” in 1933 to break the deadlock in domestic policy. In March 1933, when the League of Nations denied Manchukuo, Japan left the league. Meanwhile, Hitler who cried for the dissolution of Versailles amid the chaos of domestic politics in 1933 took power and withdrew from the League of Nations in October of the same year to declare the treaty as a result of Geneva disarmament talks, and in March of 1935, he declared the United Nations in Poland. After seeing this, Italy invaded Ethiopia in October 1935 and conquered the former Earth in May 36. In the wake of this widespread invasion, the Pan-Paciist, pro-democracy movement was active on the Pan-Pacific front in July of 1935, the Cominthen Front was activated. “However, there was a civil war in Spain due to blatant intervention by poison and Lee, and in China when the Sian Incident in 1936 led to the formation of the Korean National Unification Front, Japan started an all-out war in July 1937 to punish it (Jonathan 11 -13).”In November 1936, Germany signed an Anti-Air Defense Agreement, in which Italy joined it in November 1937, publicly chanted anti-Communist attacks against the United States, Germany and Japan, under the pretext of turning it into a fascist and communist invasion. The ruling class of the United States, Britain, and the Soviet Union reached a compromise with the three countries, who appeared to have engaged in a toxic- Yi and her imperialistic conflict on the one hand, as they approached the Soviet Union and their colonial homeland liberation movements. After pledging to merge with Austria and Czechoslovakia in November 1937, Hitler strengthened his narcisse regime with a series of personnel changes in February 1938 and merged Austria in March of the same year. After creating a war crisis by calling for the Sudeten district of Czechoslovakia, British Prime Minister Chamberlain forced Czechoslovakia to close its Sudeten district in September 1938 at a meeting in Munich. Thus Germany secured a strategic position for entering Eastern and Central Europe, while the League of Nations or collective security system was collapsing.After the withdrawal of the Dok and Japan League, the Soviet Union joined the League of Nations in September 1934 to seek collective security policy (Litvinov diplomacy), which was ruled out by the USSR whose loss of aid treaty with Czechoslovakia was ruled out In Spain, in January 1939 Franco, a poison-supported politician, overthrew the People’s Front government. In May 1939, Soviet Foreign Minister VM Molotov took office and tried to protect his country by military diplomacy. In March 1939, Hitler disbanded the Czechoslovakia and then demanded Polish corridors and Danchik. As criticism of the Young-Press oil policy increased at Hitler’s endless request, the two countries promised aid to Poland.Along with mounting tension between Germany and Poland, Britain began to negotiate with the Soviet Union in preparation for an outbreak of a major poisoning, but was also negotiating with Germany in a highly confidential manner. Distrust in the Soviet Union’s Young and the President’s Union’s confidence in Britain and France has become a stabber since the Munich meeting, resulting in a sudden rise in talks between the Soviet Union and the Soviet Union in August. Hitler, who was already determined to attack Poland, needed to avoid a two-point, East-West war, and because the Soviet Union was afraid that the German-Poland’s War would turn into a counterclaim. The Toxins and Cows Nonaggression Treaty of 23 August stunned the world. It is not just because the two countries, with completely different ideologies, joined together. The Young-Pro oil policy was finally broken off, Japan’s anti-toxic military alliance aimed at invading the Soviet Union ended as a corrupt sword, and the most shocking attack on the Soviet communist front had been on fascism. Germany, which secured Soviet neutrality, invaded Poland on September 1, 1939 as planned. On September 3, Young and Fries started World War II by selling to Germany.

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