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It’s the age-old question when it comes to whether you’ve been preparing your wedding day for a long time now or have only just started looking into it…. do you really need to hire a videographer for your wedding?

Not hiring a wedding videographer is often cited as being the number one wedding regret for couples after the wedding day is over. And the main reason why most couples do not hire a videographer is that they feel like it is one more expense to an already costly day. And after all, you have already put in a lot of money in a photographer.

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But what about that funny joke your best friend cracked during the toast or the emotional moment you had with your dad during the father-daughter dance, the vows, the applauses, the bloopers, the emotions, the sound, the movement…

There are many other reasons why a bride should consider hiring a videographer in addition to a photographer too.

Let’s go over the top 5 reasons to capture video on your wedding day.

Relive the emotions

A video can capture continuous emotions – happiness, excitement, sadness and other expressions that are sometimes hard to convey through photos. With a video you get to experience the same impactful feelings all over again. And when coupled with a soft romantic song or background music , there really is no better way to review the emotions of your day than through video.

Be in Multiple Places at Once

Wouldn’t you want to know how impatient your groom looked before your grand entrance, or the reactions of your guests while the toasts were made. Videography helps you to relive the entire day and capture your special day to the fullest extent. It allows you to relive special moments and oftentimes see moments that you didn’t even know happened around you with your guests.

Movement and sound

Video adds elements of sound and movement – the first kiss and the first dance would definitely look good in a photograph, but what about that romantic song played in the background during the first dance or that big smile that beamed on your grandmother’s face when she saw you kiss your man. You can watch yourself walk down the aisle or listen to what your guests were saying at that specific moment and live that moment.


There are times when some of your relatives or friends cannot attend your wedding due to work commitments or some other reason. Videos are so easy to share – just one link will showcase your perfect day, perfectly. There is no going through the whole lot of photos and picking out the best images to show people.

Repeat viewing

You’ll be able to watch your special day on your 50th anniversary and with future generations of your family. Imagine sitting down with your future kids and laughing over how the styles have changed or covering their eyes when you and your now-spouse share your first kiss. It could even become a tradition to relive the experience on every anniversary!



If you’re investing in a wedding, consider investing in documenting the day with a professional videographer. When you have the advantage of high definition equipment that offer crystal clear pictures, sound and motion, wouldn’t you love to have a wedding videographer capture every precious moment of your wedding?



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