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It’s 5:10 AM, and I’ve already arose–20 minutes before the
alarm– staring through the window next my bed. It was the eagerness for the
stargazing journey at night what waked me up earlier, I guess. However, I
didn’t mind giving up some of my sleeping hours for the enthralling scene of dawn. The gaze at the 3D
solar system model overhead was evocative of another look at the ceiling; it
was the call to
adventure. A physics mastermind professor began his first session standing
above a chair looking to the ceiling as if he is soaring in space with no
gravity trying to hang on, strongly believing on what he puts. His voice, saying “everything around
us is related to physics”, has taken me away. Leaving the room, he stated,
“From the intricate space to the infinitesimal particles, I dare you to dazzle
me with one detail not based on physics”. Interrupting my thoughts, the alarm
ringing waves entered my outer ear, traveled through my narrow passageway, and to my ear canal.   

My day begins with the shrieking of
glowing red digits, loud enough to wake me up with a display that’s bright
enough to be read–I have gruesome uncorrected vision upon waking up. Once
again, I got lost in contemplation. Trivial as it is, though, this clock
relies on quantum physics to operate, the oscillations of light mark the passage of time
without any mechanical parts, and the quantum characteristics of atoms emit light
whose frequency is unequivocally determined by the laws of physics. Escaping
from my thoughts, I jumped into my car and the trip to the
stargazing site started. Acceleration, speed, time, and distance; I couldn’t get them out of my

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I’ve always had an instinct fond of
cars. yet, that day I perceived things differently, I began thinking of it all
in PHYSICS–which drove me insane. Whenever I thought of performance vehicles,
speed is often an attribute that comes to mind. What factors contributed to the
velocity of the car, and what handicaps carmakers have to overcome are the
questions that captured my mind. Dragging force and Horsepower are the most
important factors influencing the speed; the bigger the engine, the faster the
car–which explains why Lamborghini with its captivating 575 hp engine is my dream car. Upon reaching
my destination, I held the breaks parking the car. My brain directly concluded;
the stopping force was entirely applied by the track to the wheels.

I headed to the camp with missionary
zeal searching for the telescope. Scrutinizing the sky with no companion but my
pair of binoculars, I looked for constellations. Perhaps I am addicted to
astronomy because it compels the soul to look upwards and leads us from this
world to another, as Plato so wittily put it. It seems there will be a dare
that will be lost, for the more we look the more physics we stumble upon.

Above all, a real meaning of my
existence externalizes in the curiosity and deep desire to decipher the universe’s
riddles, as well as a yearning
to share them with others. Not only do areas of astral dynamics and cosmology
interest me, but also quantum mechanics, which is more challenging and helped
me understand the universe in a manner I hadn’t before. In astronomy, the universe
is our contemporary laboratory. To me, research is often a bridge to an
unfettered curiosity. I, indeed, lost the professor’s dare; however, the
inspiration I got from it has led me into the right course where I have
ultimately found myself. This guided me to a tutoring center –Quash Egypt
Academy– where I’m now tutoring physics for undergraduate students, aiming that
one day I might be the professor who will enlighten a curious student’s way.  I am so much obliged to the first physics
session which had the favor of enriching my way of thinking.



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