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ItRB1  has always bewitched me the big
role played by Transportation Engineering towards the betterment of mankind,
until you have the erudition to comprehend and analyse it. While pursuing my
undergraduate course in Civil Engineering I studied subjects like Structural
engineering, Soil & Foundation Engineering, Survey methods but what
intrigued me the most was Transportation Engineering and it’s implementation.
The exploits of Engineers in developing safe and viable roadways, railways,
high-speed motorways, building airports and the scope of Transportation
Engineering for developing a world captivated my interest.

I am a avid
traveller having a passion for trekking mountains. These trips helps me focus,
connect with my inner self and enriches the soul by absorbing the beauty nature
has to offer. One such trip took me past Ghum, Darjeeling, the highest railway
station in Asia. This splendid creation, a phenomenal feat of mankind
constructed in 1881 was achieved without modern advanced machinery and
engineering techniques. I started re4ading about other high altitude railway
lines around the world. The whole ordeal inspired me to increase my knowledge
of civil engineering and collaborate innovative research ideas with railway
networking and intelligent transportationRB2 .

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I was
introduced to Transportation Engineering in my junior year of undergraduate
degree. My interest was sparked by my Professor, Mr RATNESWAR MAJUMDAR
with his unique teaching ability that combined practical examples with dogmatic
explanations. His good self was instrumental in helping me project a dynamic
vision on the subject by carefully organizing the scattered ideas inside my
head. He sowed the seed of further inquisitive research in this subject inside meRB3 .

My internship with METRO
RAILWAY KOLKATA provided me the required observation on transportation
planning and engineering in details. Visits to their ongoing construction
sites, laboratories, R department impelled my interest on the subject. In
my senior year I took an Industrial training with TANTIA CONSTRUCTIONS LTD at their SAMPREETI BRIDGE construction
site. It was a railway bridge constructed over river Ganges. This insight into
the construction field having many daunting challenges increased my passion and
encouraged me to take up similar endeavors where such knowledge is available to
hand. This idea increased manifold during my professional service life as an
INFRASTRUCTURES LTD, posted at their Vijayawada Airport Site. I realized
the knowledge and experience gathered during my undergraduate degree is just
the tip of an iceberg. Working directly in the construction of runways and
roadways associated with the airport, the importance of transportation
engineering for sustained development of a place became all the more apparent
to me. I wanted to explore more by joining a Masters programme that can feed my
curiosity and eagerness to learn and channelize my potential, a programme which
can equip me with the ability to tackle more complex problems of this field.

At this critical juncture of my career I think this is the
right time for me to pursue a graduate degree, where I can deliver new ideas
for any further research mainly focusing on STATISTICAL MODELLING of CRASH DATA ANALYSISRB4 
and computational approach in transportation engineering. Being from a 3rd
world country and possessing a collective sense of integrity I have always been
driven by the urge to do something for the betterment of humanity, to pioneer
an idea from where my country can improve itself on the path to progress. “Do
not follow where the path may lead. Go instead where there is no path and leave
a trail.” I strongly am inspired by this quote from Ralph Waldo Emerson.

Auto Safety Analysis using computer vision techniques,
safety evaluation and Intelligent Transport system are some of the pioneering
ideas in the field of transportation planning and management. I plan to involve
my knowledge in the field of transportation planning and simulation mainly
focusing on statistical and computational approach. Some of my alternate
research ideas revolve around Transport Safety Modelling, Value of travel time
in basis of benefit cost analysis. The outstanding laboratory facilities, renowned
faculty and wide range of research area has made me interested about this
institution. It will be a dream come true………………

formulation of the problem is often more essential than the solution, which
maybe merely a matter of mathematical or experimental skill”- Albert Einstein.
It is the persuasion to solve problems and further develop experimental skills that
drives us to grow our knowledge and open up a plethora of solutions. Pursuing
my graduate studies and research at an esteemed university like …… will provide
me the perfect opportunity to work with state of the art, sophisticated
equipment in a professional ambience. Owing to my hard working and sincere
nature, I am confident enough I will be able to make value additions to the
high standards of academic and research environment at ….. I eagerly look
forward to be a part of your academyRB5 .


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