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It is essential that an individual have the knowledge of history
to better understand who we are and where we fit in the world.  History is a discipline where it allows a
student to study the past, to ask questions about the evidence in which they
find, and to come up with reasonable explanations that convey the world around
them.  Many students being to study
history with an already preconceived jaded view of how the world worked in the
past and these all ready formed opinions may manifest themselves into a lack of
appreciation for the historical interpretation.


This is where I use strategies in the classroom that
encourage the students to engage actively with the complexities of
history.  It is my task as an instructor
to guide them to help build their own analytical skillset, to think critically,
and to question what they already know. 
I want to inspire them to want to better understand and develop the
tenacity of their own thoughts.  While utilizing
critical thinking, evidence-based discussions, and scholarly writing, students
will have the ability to excel in any field they choose to pursue in life.  As a Non-Commissioned Officer in the United
States Army, I believe in leadership and setting individuals up for success because
delivering instruction and mentoring never cease.  Students will also gain from class lectures the
skill of active learning which will enable them to understand the deep relationship
between the text and historical context.

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My objective is to have students think more like scholars –
to broaden their horizons and to facilitate them to appreciate the variety of
issues that occur in history.  This will
in turn, benefit the students to apply different approaches to bring their own
unique perspective and questions into their own work.  Historical interpretations are constantly
changing and evolving which is why relevancy is key.  In addition, it is important to create an
environment where open discussions are encouraged, and respect is given to
various perspectives on topics.  Not only
are these exercises beneficial to thinking academically, but also critical life
skills in today’s society.


The study of history is dynamic and forever new – it is far
beyond just the study of facts and dates. 
It is the understanding through reading and interpreting our various
pasts to know while gaining a better insight of our present and future.   

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