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It is the year 2016, the presidential candidates from the Republican and Democratic parties are having their first national debate in order to showcase their platform to the nation. Businessman and television personality Donald Trump is the nominee from the Republican party while former First Lady, Senator of New York, and Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton is the nominee from the democratic party. The ninety-minute debate is divided into six, fifteen-minute parts. One main topic will be covered in the first part of the debate, “Achieving Prosperity”, especially in the case of creating jobs. At the start of each part, the moderator will ask both candidates the same question, and they will have two minutes to respond to the question. Till the end of the fifteen minute period, both candidates will have an open discussion about the topic. The debate takes place at Hofstra University in Hempstead, New York and will be moderated by the anchor of “NBC Nightly News”, Lester Holt.Lester Holt: Good evening America, this is the first national debate between presidential candidates Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton broadcasted live from Hofstra University in Hempstead, New York. I’m Lester Holt, anchor of “NBC Nightly News” and I would like to welcome you to the first 2016 Presidential debate.Please give a hand as we welcome the Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton and Republican candidate Donald Trump. Good luck to you both.(APPLAUSE)Clinton: Thank you Lester. How are you doing Donald?Trump: I’m doing great Hillary.Lester Holt: Now, I expect that we will not cover all the topics that we want to today, but we do have two more debates to cover those topics. Today I would like to cover the main topic of creating jobs in America. In order to achieve national prosperity, we must create American jobs. Beginning with you Senator Clinton, what is your plan on how to create jobs for the American workers?Clinton: Thank you Lester, in order to fully answer this question, I think that we need to identify how and what we want to model our country into. I think that we need to take those at the top down a peg and create an economy that can work for all citizens. That means that we need new jobs with higher incomes for everyone. I want to invest in the future with jobs in infrastructure, manufacturing, technology, clean energy, small businesses,  and most importantly innovation. In addition to this, I will raise the minimum wage, and rightfully equalize pay for all women.(APPLAUSE)Clinton: Thank you. I also think that companies should reward their existing workers more for the work that they do. All workers should have paid maternity leave and should be able to earn more sick days, while also getting child care that is affordable and college with debt-free student loans. Trump (interjecting): But how will you do this Hillary? You have no way to achieve these things!Lester Holt: Mr. Trump, you will have a chance to ask Secretary Clinton questions in the last part of the segment. Until then, please wait your turn.Clinton: Thank you, Lester. To address Donald’s concerns, we can achieve my goals by making the one percenters pay their dues and stopping large businesses from profiting off of governmental loopholes in legislation. I think that you should choose someone who can represent the people. I hope that I can get your vote on November eight.(APPLAUSE)Lester Holt: Thank you, Secretary Clinton, now Mr. Trump, same question, how are you going to put money into the pockets of the American people?Trump: I have one thing to say. Our jobs are leaving the country. They are going to Mexico. They are going to so many other countries. China has made the American Dollar worthless and it is because our previous government was useless in terms of dealing with this. All of our manufacturing jobs are going to Mexico, and our own Americans are being cheated out of jobs. We cannot let this happen.(APPLAUSE)Trump: I think that we should reduce taxes for businesses, especially large big corporations. We should reduce their taxes from thirty-five percent to only fifteen percent. I will be the best job creator that the world has seen since the amazing Ronald Reagan. It will be the most beautiful thing that America has seen ever.(STRONGER APPLAUSE FROM AROUND HALF OF CROWD)Lester Holt: Your crossfire session may start nowClinton: What Mr. Trump is proposing here is a tax system that only favors businesses and not the people who make up these businesses. What you are putting forth here is “Trickle Down Economics” all over again. It will feature that largest tax cuts for the top ever. In fact, it should be called “Trumped up Trickle Down Economics”, because that is all that his plan is, trumped up. How do you propose to bring back jobs that have left the country?(APPLAUSE)Trump: Well, in 1975, my father left me a small loan of a million dollars, and I grew that money into a huge company that’s worth sooo much money. It’s probably worth billions and billions of dollars right now. We have to do this with our country. We have to renegotiate our trade deals with other countries. For instance, we should get rid of NAFTA. NAFTA is ineffective and … Lester Holt: Excuse me, but may I interrupt for a …Trump: Our current politicians are doing nothing about this now, and that is why they are useless. They should have really been doing this for years. Lester Holt: Back to the question, specifically, how will you convince manufacturers to bring back jobs to America.Trump: Well, I think that it is pretty simple, you just don’t let the jobs leave. And then we just slap a huge tax on import to force manufacturing to America, it’s as simple as that.Lester Holt: And that statement concludes our first segment, we will see you back here after this first break.(APPLAUSE AS CAMERA CUTS TO COMMERCIAL BREAK)

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