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It is a pleasure to give this
testimonial to Ms. Aruna.B.R, whom I have known for all the four years of her undergraduate
studies at Acharya Institute of Technology, Bangalore.  I have been her faculty for the courses “Programming
with C” in her 2nd semester and “Design and Analysis of Algorithms” in her 4th
semester. Through these courses I have found her to be very diligent and hard-working.
Her ability to grasp the basic concepts of Computer Engineering and commitment
towards the subject has really impressed me.

She scored about 81% and stood first
in her class in my subject “Programming with C” in the first year.  I was impressed with her programming skills
and hence suggested her to change her course from Bio Technology to Information
Science.  I was glad when she took up my
suggestion.  She never failed to impress
me ever since with her commitment towards subjects and quest for learning.

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While teaching her “Design and
Analysis of Algorithms”, I noticed her program optimization skills.  I was impressed at how much thought she put
into optimizing the program or any algorithm she wrote.  This could be clearly seen in her scores in both
“Design and Analysis of Algorithms” theory and practical labs. She scored 80%
in the theory and 99% in her practical labs.

Her final year project and paper
presentation was under my guidance. Her group project titled “Motion Detection
using Image Processing” used JAVA image processing APIs for pixel comparison to
detect motion and notify the subscribers of motion detected via text. The
project was successfully implemented with unit testing scripts.  While working with Aruna and guiding her I
noticed her presenting herself with utmost dignity and as a born leader for her
team; setting an example for her peers. Her thought on unit testing scripts
impressed me as she thought like a true software professional while still in
college.  This set her apart from the

Her final year paper presentation on
“Speech Recognition using Artificial Neural Networks” showed her keen interest
in Artificial Intelligence.  She
eloquently answered all the seminar questions accurately and with
confidence.  Her organizational skills
and idea presentation was quite professional to be expected out of an
undergraduate student.

Aruna was also a part of our
Departmental Forum “Steigen Lane” and volunteered to organize many events under
the forum.  She was also part of many
flash mobs and skits.

I can firmly say that Aruna was among
the top 5% of her class.  She also helped
her peers with subjects and seemed to like teaching. 

I am confident that Aruna will prove as
an asset to your University. Therefore, I strongly recommend her admission to
your university with suitable financial help.

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