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Issue 2: Foreign Workers

Lehar et al. (2014) define
foreign workers as immigrant who employed in a country for a specific time.
Foreign workers add a local manpower of a country and include skilled,
unskilled, legal and illegal workers. Most of foreign workers work in the
construction field, manufacturing field, plantation field, and work as maid as
well as waiter. Employment of foreign workers to overcome the shortage of
labours because the mostly local workers cannot bear with lower incomes and
less interested in construction field and the others (Mohamed, 2015). Other than that, due to economic growth, foreign workers are
increasing the need for facilities and services in new public housing areas (Use, 2017).

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          However, hiring foreign
workers give many negative impacts than positive impact (Noor, Isa, Said, & Jalil, 2011). Firstly, increases the unemployment rate among locals. Based on
these problems, local workers have to compete with foreigners because some of
employers choose foreign workers as they are willing to receive lower wages
than local workers, especially in lower skilled jobs. This has caused that
increasing unemployment rate among locals. The more the foreign workers will
lead to socio-economic problems. Many socio-economic problems such as theft,
robbery, rape and murder have done by foreign workers. Besides that, the entry
of foreign workers could result in a negative impact on the wage structure and
the labour market due to the employment of unskilled foreign workers.

          In order to reduce the
dependency on foreign workers, there are several suggestions to overcome the
issue. First of all, the government should restructure the education system
like vocational school and skills-based education to improve the local
unskilled workers to skilled workers. Hence, local job seekers will fulfil
every field of employment in the country and prevent the problem of competition
work in every industry in Malaysia. Next, setting up more professional child
care centres and elderly care centres to encourage more women to join the
workforce so that the need of foreign workers will decreasing. In addition,
promoting part-time work among housewives, students, early retirees or retirees
will also reduce the need of foreign workers.


Issue 3: Lack of Skills

Nowadays, graduates
have a low minimum preparation in facing the working life. Lack of high-leveled
skills especially in technical skills and employability skills influence the
concept of employability and become one of the factors to unemployment problem among
the graduates (Marchante et al., 2003) One of the issue that has been faced by industries is lack of skill by
graduates. There are two types of skill that has been asked by the industries,
which are technical and employability skills. Technical is one of the major
aspects that need be mastered by the graduates, as is one of the main that
graduates get a secured jobs. Meanwhile, employability refers to the quality
and personal insights. This includes problems in the communication skill
especially English language, the graduates are not well disciplined and do not
have the leadership skill (Tang, 2009). They need to apply a lot
of skills to compete the markets. Both of the skills is help to marketability
of the graduates and to help the graduate become competence and competitive in
market (Tang, 2009).

          The impact of the lack of skills is
graduates have a problem in applying what that they have learned at the
universities in the working place (Tang, 2009). Plus, local graduates
will experience difficulties in trying to convey their interviews in academic
knowledge or thoughts due to their poor command of English. They also are not
able to compete and fulfill the requirements of the industries. Most of the
employers are looking for graduates who are creative, inventive and bold to
success in the job market (Kalaimagal & Norizan, 2011). One of the top Malaysian head hunting agency found that an average six
out of 10 Malaysian graduates could not communicate effectively in English
during interviews. This requirements will make the company to think twice
before hired the graduates, since they are lack of skills. One of the major
problem that cause the employers to think before hired any graduates.

          They are many ways to overcome this issue. Firstly,
universities can restructures the outcomes learning in the curriculum.
Universities can added some elements of technical and employability skills in
the curriculum for each course or field of study, which are offered in
educational institution (Tang, 2009). The graduates must join
the activities that has been made to enhance their leadership and teamwork
skill. Next, graduated should at least be in the industrial training for six
months with the quality of hands of experience (Kalaimagal & Norizan, 2011).Graduates will be gain a lot of working experience and adding their
soft skills. Plus, the experiences working during studies definitely help them
easily to get a job after their studies. This will help more graduates to
understand the environment of working. Graduates also need include all the
attitudes towards work such as hardworking, diligence and independence during
their schooling or university.

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