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         Islamic culture
has always gripped my notice, because it’s one of the few religions in my eyes
where you more predominantly stand out for what you believe in. There seems to
be a lot of stereotypes about Islam and Muslims but the five that stand out to
me the most are their hate for non-Muslims, Muslims don’t believe in Jesus or
God, you cannot be Muslim and be patriotic to America, they promote groups like
Al Qaeda and ISIS and Islam is a violent religion. During my first year of
college I took a course called interpersonal communication and we had to pick a
culture to focus on and growing up in a Christian home I thought it would be
cool to focus on another religion so I picked Islam. I got to experience a lot
of their culture and find out a lot about their religion and what it was
intended to be like.

            Many people think that all Muslims
are extremists and have a grudge with non-Muslims. In an article by Huffington
post, I found that to be false there are multiple chapters in the Quran that
mention non-Muslims and how they should love everyone. In that Huffington post article,
I found something Muhammad said “You will never enter Paradise until you
believe. And you will not believe until you love one another. Certainly, I
shall guide you to something that, if you do it, you will love one another:
Spread the greetings (of peace) among yourselves.” Kabir (2016). On the label
of they do not believe in Jesus or God it turns out to be a complex area. They
do not worship Jesus but he is mentioned more times in the Quran than Muhammad.
They believe that Jesus was a prophet and used by God but not God himself, they
Also do believe in their god but they call him Allah. Many closed-minded Americans
believe that Muslims cannot be patriotic to America while they are practicing
their religion. In 2011 a Pew research survey came to the conclusion that there
are anticipated 2.75 million Muslims in the US making up less than one percent
of the population at the time. Further research showed that the majority of
them are optimistic about the future in America for them even though the occurrence
of discrimination.  Goodstein (2011) 

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