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Islam is the second largest religion in the world. Islam has 1.8 billion followers worldwide which live in all different parts of the world. 45% of muslims live in South and Southeast Asia. Several millions of followers live in the United States of America and India.Islamic Beliefs The main belief in islam is Tawaid. They believe to follow one god before any other thing. They also believe he is the creator of all life. Other beliefs are he is all-knowing and restorer of life after death. They believe the holy book is the quran. The quran has the names of 25 prophets and their teachings. All muslims follow beliefs of the 5 Pillars. The first pillars include “There is no god but Allah, and muhammed is his messenger” and “Muslims must obey the call to Salat”. This means they must pray 5 times a day facing Mecca. The next three include: “Muslims must give money back to the poor each year (Almsgiving)”, “All muslims must fast during the month of ramadan”, and “all muslims must take a sacred voyage to mecca at least once in their lives”. These all apply unless muslims have low money or poor health.Groups of Muslims Followers of Islam split themselves into three major groups. The largest group, the Sunni follow a strict approach to islam. They reject different interpretations of islam today, and follow the Quran with very great detail. The second largest is Shiah. These muslims believe that Imasti is still alive and will return at the end of time and restore justice on earth. The final and smallest group is the Kharijites. They also follow the Quran with great detail and believe that the Muslims should be lead by their believers.Special Feature: Muhammed Muhammed was a trader who came into contact with Christianity and Judaism a lot. Later he was meditating until he had a vision in a cave. After, it was declared a message from god, and he was the last prophet. Muhammed then started Islam in 610 AD. Muhammad taught and spread god’s teaching when he moved to medina. There, he was accepted and the people of medina followed him. After a life of teaching muhammed passed away and his teachings split into two groups. They became the Sunni and the Shia. Muhammed is looked as one of the most important islamic and world figures.

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