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Ireland is more than just whiskey, fairy
tails, and gypsies. The land may be beautiful and full of history and potatoes.

Though, surprisingly they have a very interesting government, one that has not
independently been around for that long.

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In 1920 the Government of Ireland Act was
passed it was made to split Ireland into Northern and Southern Ireland.

Northern Ireland held most of the Protestants since the six counties that make
up Northern Ireland had a Protestant majority. They where originally supposed
to come back together, with help of the council of Ireland. Though they never
did due to the War of Independence the Dublin home rule parliament was never
established in Southern Ireland. Ireland has still not been reunified. Although,
in 2016 they, the government and their people, have been talking about creating
the United Ireland. So in the near future, or in 1000 years who knows with the
government, it is possible Ireland will become one again.

Ireland is considered to have a constitutional monarchy with consociationlism
principles which is where: “1a type of government accommodates the
diverse interests of divided and plural societies through power sharing in a
coalition, made up of parties representing the dominant groups in that
society.”  Northern Ireland is part
of Britain currently. On December of 1921 Southern Ireland became a mostly free
state, it wasn’t tell 1937 that they gained independence and till 1948 they
remained a part of the British Commonwealth. 

one thinks of Ireland they normally think of southern Ireland. If they were to
Google Ireland most that would pop up is stuff about Southern Ireland. Southern
Ireland is bigger than Northern Ireland and is the one with the green, white,
and orange flag. Surprisingly enough, Southern Ireland doesn’t like the color
orange because it is only there because Britain put it there when they took
over, so it is really disrespectful to wear orange to a Saint Patty’s day
parade. The green on the southern Irish flag represents Irish republicanism and
was the side that fought for independence while the orange is for the British unionists.

The white in the middle represents peace and stuff and it lies in the middle
signifies their truce. A lot of southern Ireland still doesn’t like it though.

It’s surprising how just three different colors can tell a lot about one states
history in governmental changes. The flag is still used by southern Ireland but
Northern Ireland continues to use the British union flag. Unluckily, their
choice in flags seems to have divided them more, even though it is a small
reason it is still one reason they have not come become the United Ireland yet.

Ireland they have the IRA, nope not the Individual Retirement Account, the
Irish Republic Army or the Provisional Irish Republican Army. Originally
founded in 1919 they tried to use armed forces to end the British rule on all
of Ireland. They failed. Then they moved on to trying to make themselves an
independent republic. During the Irish War of Independence they would do
anything to get the British government to negotiate, this included sabotage,
ambushes, and raids. They didn’t play nice. Though eventually they did get
their negotiation and then they got the Irish Free State, also known as Southern
Ireland, and Northern Ireland, which stayed under the control of the United
Kingdom and still is to this day. This however, was not all they wanted the
majority of the IRA members were not happy with this and it caused them to
split into two parts. Ones that supported the treaty and ones that didn’t. The
group that didn’t support the treaty became part of the Irish Free State army.

The others became the irregulars and they were ended after the Irish civil war,
though they did not entirely give up and are decided to go into politics. The
IRA isn’t entirely all good; at one point they looked for help with Adolf Hitler
they wanted him to help remove the British from Ireland. The Irish Government
was very embarrassed; to show what they did was not okay they decided to
execute five leaders of the IRA. They then decided maybe we shouldn’t do that
one again and went to try and get Ireland reunified. Seeing that most of Northern
Ireland is protestant and Southern Ireland is Catholic they didn’t succeed.  

The IRA again eventually split into two
different factions, the Official and Provisional sides, after a bunch of
violence created by the extremists in the IRA. Such as attacks that seemed to
be increasing in frequency and violence.  The officials were very official and wanted to do things more
by the book and through the government while as the Provisional’s, also known
as Provos, were basically terrorists and were part of the reasons it’s taking
so long to rid Britain from Ireland. In the 70’s they start assassinating,
ambushing, and bombing people. After that didn’t work they started attacking
the British in Britain in 25 years they killed around 1800 people a lot of
those people were innocent, some of them were even of their own. In 1994 they
ceased fire for three years when in 1996 they decided to bomb London ending in
two deaths

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