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INTRODUCTIONTanzania is a union and Republic State, whereby two independent and sovereign States, Tanganyika and Zanzibar surrendered their powers voluntarily to form the union of Tanzania  on 26th April, 1964. The union was made through the formal and specific Agreements, these agreements are known as Articles of Union. Legislature according to the 1977 United Republic of Tanzania Constitution has the legal mandate to enact the laws. The law relating to union matters according to article 64(1) and (4)(a) of the Constitution  applies to both parts of the Union after such Act expresses itself that it becomes in operation in Tanzania Mainland as well as in Zanzibar as it has been stipulated under (4)(a) of article 64 of the Constitution. Due to such fact,   in 2015 The Cyber Crimes Act which operates in both parts of the Union was enacted by the Parliament.Cyber Law backgroundThe first National ICT policy was formulated in 2003. The intention of the policy was to speed up for providing more services to the public through the use of tools of ICT. Nevertheless, since the ICT tools are used by several people through their routines, truly  the number of crimes will increase. Due to the existence of the policy, it led to the enactment of the Act relating to cyber crimes. Furthermore the Tanzanian legal system made improvement by accepting the online evidence where by initially it was not accepted.   CYBERCRIME LAW IN TANZANIAThe government drafted a bill and presented before the Table in February, 2015 focusing on how to combat and protect the commit ion of cyber crime in Tanzania. But some people especially opposition parties became dis satisfactory with such enactment claiming that the intended Act tends to  deprive of the freedom of information to the individuals. However the Government stated that the main intentions and objectives of the Bill is  to protect sensitive infrastructures, reduce vulnerability and cyber bullying, and minimize the damage that cuber-attacks may cause. As a result the President on 25th April, 2015 assented it and no sooner had the responsible  Minister published it in the Government gazette than it came into force.The cyber crime Law in Tanzania, the Act No. 14/2015, currently is the one among the Penal laws governing the freedom  of expression. It is the intention  of Tanzanian Government to enact this Act purposely to combat the cyber crimes committed in different ways including online unethical conducts ,violation of intellectual property. But  some people opposed the enactment for this Act since they claimed it is against the constitutional provision, article 18 stipulating about the  freedom of expression to the individuals. The article provides;”Every person(a) Has a freedom of opinion and expression of his ideas;(b) Has a right to seek, receive and ,disseminate information regardless of national      boundaries;(c) Has the has the freedom to communicate and freedom with protection from

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