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Introduction Paragraph:Hook, state your position, list your 3 reasonsDon’t forget voice! Kids these days, getting phones and trying to go on social media when they aren’t even old enough!! It also isn’t even safe for them with all of those random people seeing your pictures and commenting  on your stuff when they don’t even know you! How crazy is that, random people, who think they can talk to you? Well, I think that kids should not be on social media and you will think the same after everything I tell you. So, first off, you should know if your kid is even ready for social media. Secondly, you should know if it is appropriate for them.Third,you should not let your kids on social media because of safety reasons. Now you know my reasons and hopefully you will think the same things after this long, long ,long  argumentative writing.Body Paragraph 1: Transition, Reason 1Evidence 1, Explain 1Evidence 2, Explain 2Evidence 3, Explain 3Closing sentenceFirst off, is your kid ready? explains that, “Many apps allow  a user to have a public or private profile, only shared with friends however, some apps are public by default which means, that a kids name, picture,and posts are available to everyone.” This means if you think that social media will be safe because your child has a private account, I should probably tell you it isn’t and I just explained why. Secondly, if your kid knows all the safety rules and is older than 13 then they are okay, but you should wait until your for sure they are ready. Which means you should teach them how to handle hard situations that they might go through like teasing, cyber bullying, or drama because if they don’t get taught on how to handle these things then they might just let other people tear them down. Lastly, does your kid also know that when they are trying to hide messages ( which they shouldn’t if they are ready) they should know that they aren’t deleted because whoever they sent the message to can do anything they want with it. Now you should know if your kid is ready and I hope you think twice about letting your kid go on social media.Body Paragraph 2: Transition, Reason 2Evidence 1, Explain 1Evidence 2, Explain 2Evidence 3, Explain 3Closing sentenceSecondly, you should know if social media is even appropriate for your kid. explains that ,”Your teen may not even need to follow users who are posting explicit stuff to come across it. So, if you want your child to see appropriate things then this obviously proves that you shouldn’t let your kids go on social media. The website even said that your child doesn’t have to follow users who are posting inappropriate things so this shows that your child can just run into bad things. Secondly, you should follow your kids on the same app and make sure that strangers are talking to them and that they are following everyone they know. This shows that you really need to trust your kids if you think that they are going to do everything that is safe and appropriate. Third, When your child does a live stream in a private area like they’re bedroom people can see private things  without your child even noticing. This explains that when your child is doing a live stream in their bedrooms and their are private things that they don’t want anyone seeing someone can see them without your kid realizing and their  private things are now exposed. Now you know that social media is so not appropriate for your kids.Body Paragraph 3: Transition, Reason 3Evidence 1, Explain 1Evidence 2, Explain 2Evidence 3, Explain 3Closing sentenceThird you shouldn’t let your kids on social media because of safety reasons. First explains that “kids use fake birthdates and they have age questions for a reasons. So that kids are safe.” This explains that you really need to  trust your kids but thats hard because even if you trust them it still isn’t safe. Secondly kids sometimes don’t know  that anyone can look at their pictures and sometimes they have their location on. This isn’t safe because if your kids do have location on anyone can find them. If you ask me I don’t want  random people always knowing where I am without me even knowing.  Third kids sometimes follow people who they don’t even know and even text people they don’t know. This REALLY shows that it isn’t safe because first of all, your talking to a random person,secondly  it could be an adult acting like a kid, and third what if they  ask you to go and meet up with him or her? Now that is the whole opposite of safe. Now you know why I think social media is not safe.Counter Argument: 2-3 of the opponent’s reasons2-3 rebuttalsClosing statement Opponents may say, first we need to socialize with our friends. Secondly,  we can post  pictures of all of the cool stuff we are doing. Third, it is fun to be on. Well, if you want to socialize with people then talk to your friends at school. Secondly, you can just tell people all of the cool stuff you do you don’t  need to be on social media to talk to people.Third, just because it is fun doesn’t mean it’s safe. Now my opponent knows why social media is not a good option at a young age.Conclusion:Transition, restate 3 reasons, strong closing statementDon’t forget voice!First off, you know all of my reasons by now is your kid ready?,is it appropriate?, third kids should not be on social media because of safety  reasons. I REALLY hope by now  you know that social media is not a good option for your kids.

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