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the industrialized countries, health care system is much more established and

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developed mainly across
Europe. In the United States the health care system is unique

and complex considering
that there is no universal health care coverage or a uniform

health care system.
However, the US has put in legislation that enables each citizen to

be covered by the
healthcare system which can best be described as a hybrid system.

There exists nearly 850
integrated health care delivery system (IDSs) in the US in

present day with most
systems being seen to evolve towards the integration in an

attempt to provide full
continuum of services in a convenient and user friendly setting

while eliminating
middlemen to improve health care.

            Citizens of the US may only enjoy
quality health on a condition that the health care services rendered are
effective and offered by a strong public health organization. However, it is
important for all the institutions to make it their primary goal to ensure that
the burden of diseases is minimized as well as improve the conditions in the
near future. Moreover, this should be practiced by both the public and private operations
for either benefit or non-benefit purposes.

health care section comprises of health care facilities, insurance plans,
hospitals, clients of the services rendered and clinicians who work in
different sections or groups. Furthermore, there are voluntary regulators and
those assigned by the government. These set of individuals and organizations
are collectively known as the health care delivery system. Communication is
limited among these facilities as well as systems planning which may be incidental
sometimes. In order to offer quality services which are convenient to all individuals,
the most recent technology must be used.

            The major challenge faced by this system is the costs incurred
whereby United States spends more per capita income than other countries to
ensure stability of organizations. A healthy nation is a wealthy nation
literally considering that whenever citizens in a particular country are ill or
affected by a particular contagious disease, productivity levels will reduce
instantly. This is also reflected in the gross domestic product. However, the
practitioners and services rendered in United States are considered the best
worldwide. Besides the investment made, the services offered do not meet the
outcomes expected.

            Recently, there have been many technologies in regarding the
new technology which has been enhanced into scientific discoveries. These are
economically accessible to all patients in the nation regardless of their
financial status. The market is very competitive to the insurance companies
that offer relative schemes to assists ill individuals. The care providers and
clients are faced with a challenge when it comes to sharing costs, setting
restriction plans and many operations that are involved. It may lead to
confusion and mental fatigue.

            The delivery system does not relate effectively with
other branches of public health system ever since the health care reform acts
diminished. The structure has lain its foundation on protocols and technology,
therefore does not support consultation in case there is need to prevent a
certain disease. Insurance rates are set by the recommended authority to regulate
entry into the market by providers of health care. This ensures that quality
services are provided and increase the revenue generated by a nation.

            A State is charged responsible for monitoring the
services provided by the private and public sector. Whenever there is any
failure by any chance, the government should ensure that the poor in the
society access the necessary services to sustain them. The system costs are
high and not convenient to small organizations. A philosophy statement serves
the purpose of expressing a professional’s values and how they could be used at
the work place to offer the required services. Moreover, it assists employers evaluate
a potential employee and decide whether to work with that particular individual
or not.

            In the health care delivery system whereby hospitals are
involved, the nurses play a major role in conducting the assigned duties to ill
patients. Moreover, they have to set clear goals so that they may keep focus
and know the weak areas that should be immediately worked on. The philosophy
statement in this case is as shown below:

We Believe that:

The nurses in the
organization are qualified through learning and certification, with competent
skills to attend to ill individuals. Health care is a human right and
individuals should not be discriminated despite the goals set by any organization.
The nurses are committed to deliver tender care to patients in the most ethical
manner. Nursing care involves promotion and restoration of the human body, mind
and spirit to maintain health standards.

            Nurses are the most trusted health care professionals since
they remain with the patients throughout the entire period. They are critical
thinkers who are in a position to work under a pressurized environment before
consulting the doctors. As a result of this, the lives of many individuals have
been transformed.

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