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Introduction Is the farm bill like a dollar bill? If yes we got some issues to work on. What do i think the farm bill means to me it is a 5 year law that governs an array of agricultural and food programs Since most of you don’t know about the farm bill i’m  gonna talk to you and inform you. The recent farm bill was in 2014 and expires in 2018. the Congressional Budget Office estimated that the total cost of mandatory programs would be $489 billion over the five years Main point 1 What does the farm bill cover? Good question, the farm bill covers 12 different things as in titles, Members of Congress who hold the primary responsibility of drafting farm bills. The farm bill has expanded to more than just farming: Bioenergy: seek and develop the next generation of biofuels that will not only power machines but the american economy as a whole,  horticulture: provides better understanding of plants  and livestock: investment in animal science have found new and better ways to advance in animal production technology, enable the industry to respond to consumer demand, and advance in human health.Main point 2How does the farm bill apply to you? a program called wic (women,infants and children) is federal assistance program of the Food and Nutrition Service of the United States Department of Agriculture. Another way it applies to you is food stamps, food stamps are a voucher issued from the government for low income families , exchangeable for food. Cuts in Minority Farming While it’s good news that there’s funding for beginner-farmer training included in the bill, the funding for outreach and assistance to socially disadvantaged farmers of color was cut.Main point 3 What are some things to watch out for in the 2018 farm bill, Every five years or so, our federal senators and representatives take up the topic of a farm bill, so it’s time for the farm bill to be a topic of debate. The crafting of the farm bill is going to be politically charged, there are groups that believe the farmers need an efficient safety net. Some things to watch for the 2018 farm bill Amendments will be watched, Crop insurance will be examined. “We can have access to the vaccines we need in case an outbreak was to happen in the United States,” said Krist Wollum, president of the Minnesota Cattlemen’s Association. What is SNAP? SNAP is Originally created under the Food Stamp Act of 1964 and renamed in 2008, SNAP was designed to help assist lower-income families with food purchases

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