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Introduction :

experiment is related to my life because we used an object trying to make a
helicopter and fell it down. It related because I often drop something. Dropping
on something means you fall something and make it go down to the Earth. On this
investigation, paper helicopter investigation need paper, paper clips and other
materials. The experiment was conducted to optimize the paper helicopter flight
time. It is conducted by changing the input process variables that may affect
the out responses. We use helicopters to know types of variables and how to
control variables in experimental design.

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Research question :

What factors do influence the experiment?

What design do you choose for the experiment?


Background of the study : It is an optimization method enabling
to identify the input factors combination which maximize or minimize the
objective function.


Hypothesis : The bigger the height away from the ground, the longer time
will take for the paper helicopter to make it down to the ground


Variable : Independent – the weight from the paper clip

                 Dependent – time

                 Control – How the mass affect
the helicopter paper fall down to the ground ?

The air circulation. It affects the flight of the paper

Number of paper clips. Added more paper clips would make it
heavier as a result it is reducing time to reach the ground.




Apparatus List : – Paper, scissors, paperclips, stop
watch, ruler


Method :

Prepare a piece of paper, paperclips and scissors

Cut the paper to size

Make the guide line of the paper helicopter. You may draw
the design first.

Fold the paper based on the guide line

Cut a little less than halfway down that you folded down the
length of the paper

Make two small cuts in toward the center line halfway down
the length of the paper

Fold both of the bottom sections

Fold the top flaps you made

Add a paperclip on the very bottom of the helicopter

Drop the helicopter from different heights

Measure the time when it touch the ground


Safety considerations :

Always wear lab coat

Make sure it is safe when using scissors on cutting. It is a
sharp thing

Be careful on your hand when you fold the paper. The corner
of the paper is also sharp. It could scratch your hand

Always follow the rules and safety procedure on lab

Don’t go too near the table edges because you will fall from
the table

If an accident takes place during the experiment, inform the
teacher immediately. Do not be panic







Processing data :

Number of paperclips

Time taken 1

Time taken 2

Time taken 3


1 (Mass =
0.45 g)

1.75 sec

1.67 sec

1.74 sec


2 (Mass =
0.9 g)

1.63 sec

1.57 sec

1.49 sec


4 (Mass =
1.8 g)

1.41 sec

1,45 sec

1.34 sec


6 (Mass =
2.63 g)

1.20 sec

1.33 sec



8 (Mass =

1 sec

1.03 sec

0.86 sec



Line Graph :



Conclusion :

Based on
the experiment, if we added paper clips to the paper helicopter, it would give
effect on the paper helicopter’s speed. By adding paper clips on the paper
helicopter, it will go down faster. The weight of the paper helicopter is more
than before. It pulled down with less of air resistance. Based on the
collecting data, our hypothesis is correct. The more paper added, the more
speed will increase. 

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