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Intellectual Property can be defined as creations of mind in diverse range of things, literary, paintings, films, names, pictures, performances, plants or others. Therefore, intellectual property law is used to create exclusive rights in the various symbol that are applied to goods and service. It will be difficult to address out the definition of Intellectual property law since given the wide range of subject matter, it is usually used to describe a number of areas of law, typically including copyright law, patent law, and trade mark law, each of which has its own characteristic. The producers or inventors of any patents, trademarks or copyrighted works to be under protection of all these law by granting them certain time-limited rights to control the use made of those productions. Those legal law do not apply to the physical object in which the creation may be embodied but instead to the intellectual creation as such. Although the terminology ‘Intellectual property’ has been used for almost 150 years in the common area of law that environ copyright, patents, designs and trademarks, it is only been used regularly for the past 40 years. Intellectual property is usually divided into two branches, which are industrial property, which broadly speaking protects inventions, and copyright, which protects literary and artistic works. It seems that the first occurence of this term to refer both of this in the 1950s. Industrial Property has a varied of forms which includes patents for inventions, aesthetic creations that related to appearance of industrial products, trademarks and geographical indications  as well as protection against unfair competition. Copyright can be referred to the act of copying an original work which specific on literary and artistic creations. For example, novels, poems, films, music, photographs and so forth. It could only be done by the author or with the permission of author.

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