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Institut für Erziehungswissenschaft:
Bystander bei Cyber-Mobbing. (n.d.).
Retrieved December 12, 2017, from

of physical violence (cyberthreat)

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harassment and persecution (cyberstalking)

publication of degrading photos/videos (happy slapping)

under a false name, identity theft (impersonation)

exclusion (exclusion)

and trickery

Spreading rumors (denigration)

Insults (Harassment)

provoking, insulting (flaming)

Forms and concept of cyber-bullying,
Young people reported:

of the Technical University of Berlin: ,,Bystander von Cybermobbing”

Are Children being bullied through Social media?


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Lauren B. Stevens in Waltham, MA. (2015, June 25). 5 Dangers of Social Media to Discuss With Your Kids.
Retrieved December 12, 2017, from

9.       Facebook Depression: Those affected are at risk for
social isolation and sometimes turn to risky Internet sites.

8.       Sexting: Many of these messages become distributed
rapidly via cell phones or the Internet.

7.       Browser Games: Those are designed to make people
spend real money.

6.       Inappropriate Content: Social networks are full of
content that might be inappropriate for your child.

5.       Fraud, Phishing, Malware: The cybercriminals use direct
messages or posts containing a malicious or phishing link.

4.       Cyberbullying: Today’s bullies have a whole new
world open in front of them, the WWW

3.       The staying Power of Social Media: Whatever you put out there is
there forever.

2.       Over sharing information: revealing too much information on
social media, gives ammunition to strangers with bad intentions.

1.       Stranger Danger: Social Networks are filled who
seek ways to connect with children.

Here are dangers of
Social media you’ll want to talk about with your kids:

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