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instant Messaging-it is growing extensively everywhere in the global. This kind of communication is taking location among or more humans in a personal room. An IM communication services provide extra feature as someone in your contact list is online; you can start a chat with that person privately It have become so popular, because in e-mail the character has to watch for recipient respond but in IM, if a person in on line mode then the message instantly drops on their screen 9.In telephonic conversation there is no evidence of content of their communication but in IM communication both has the content of their communication.Hassle in IM-In IM the junk messages and commercial pop up within the window than it’s far necessity to address the messages at once but within the case email, these kind of messages can be handle later on.The second problem of IM is virus and Trojan worms can spread through IM channel in which the malicious program are spread when an IM user going to click the hyperlink or download it3.For the protection, the user has to choose safe chat room and update the antivirus regularly. So that system cannot be affected by malicious programs.Internet Telephony And Voip-From the word of internet telephony it is cleared that the user can perform telephonic conversation with the help or use of internet. There’s essential requirement thru which communication will be viable i.e internet.. Fixed internet should be available to both sides of users, so that the communication should be better and reliable. Internet telephony software provides free telephone false anywhere throughout the world. laptop to laptop telephony includes cable modem, microphone connected to computer and sending their voice with the help of telephony software program established on both facets5.As in traditional telephone the quality of transmission is better than internet telephony has terrible first-rate of voice transmission which is not clean as setting the normal smartphone calls  instance: Many net telephony applications are to be had which include pool speak, internet meeting and viber. VoIP is widely growing, it is internet based communication method where hardware and software work together and use internet to transmit telephone calls by sending voice data in packets using IP rather than any traditional way called PSTN (public switched telephone network)Live Video Conferencing-Live video conference is a conference between two or more user at different site by using internet technology to transmit audio and video data. In this each player need to have video digicam, speaker and microphone linked on each web site. And whatever images appear in front of video camera also appears in a window on the participant’s screen 7.From business point of view:a) Cheaperb) No travelling costc) Group work over geographical distantd) face to face connectionIt can be called as: PHONE CALL WITH PICTURE”Example: SKYPE:Skype is a free voice over ip service. It allows the user to communicate with friends by using video the use of a webcam and voice the use of microphone and messaging on the internet. We can share our screen during the video conference and we can share files on the internet with the help of Skype. Skype reduces the charge of calling we can call to any one on Skype free of cost rather we call on landline or mobile phones10.Teleconference-A teleconference is a meeting of two or more participant using technologies. It is popular more because in simple it can perform communication only with two people. In teleconference, there is want of sharing speaker on each ends.Multimedia Multicast-Multimedia server is used to accumulate facts from diverse receivers located at geographical locations. Multimedia information is form of radio and audio.Internet Relay Chat(IR)-Internet relay chat is a chatting system that has some set of rules. It is client/server software. On web, certain websites consisting of talk city help you to download an IRC customer on computer. Talk City offers an IRC client applet. In this, you can start a chat group .On the type of network, reserved nickname is used only in that session. This registered nickname offer your personal profile photograph ,your personal domestic hyperlink and images. the maximum commonplace IRC networks are IRCnet (on the whole european), EFnet (usually North American), Undernet, and Dalnet.

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