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and Upgrading Assignment 2


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Identify User Requirements

You have had a
meeting with the user to ensure that the user agrees that software to be
installed meets the requirements. Agree exactly to what the customer wants and
make sure they receive a product that is up to their standards. It must have
all the features that the users company will require for their job. One of the
most important parts of this process is to take into consideration every
requirement the user has when doing research before deciding on a finished

Software licensing

When choosing
software it is very important to find out whether the software you have
requires you to own a software license or it is open sourced for anyone to use.
If required to have a license, you will be required to pay an amount of money
which can be quite expensive. It can usually be made in monthly or yearly
instalments. For example Norton antivirus is £25.00 yearly for its standard
software and raises through a number of different variations of software. It
most expensive version covers you for 2 years with premium software covering up
to 10 devices for £99.99 for 2 years.

Registration Key

software requires the user to have a registration key to be used although it is
only for software that has been paid for and not open sourced. This is put into
place by the companies who create the software so it cannot be downloaded
freely on any torrent sites and it cannot be used by anyone. If the user
decides to use commercial software in his workplace they will need to give
their workforce a key to enter to allow them to access the software. Windows
Linux is open sourced software and can be downloaded from many different
websites to any machine.

Obtaining Software

downloading either your antivirus programmes or notepad++ in a company, the
best way to have the same software on each computer used within the company
would be to use a USB pen. Doing this allows the software to be moved around
each computer quick and easy and it only has to be downloaded once instead of
downloading it to every computer which requires it.

Checking System Requirements

To check the
requirements of each software you can visit the provider’s website.

Windows Linux
requirements can be viewed at

Required Materials

When installing
Notepad++ on all of the machines within a company, all that is needed to be
done is download the software to a memory pen and install it on each machine,
it is an open source program which means it doesn’t require payment or product
keys to be accessed on a computer. Linux can also be downloaded for free and
used by anyone who wishes to use it, it also does not require a product key to
be accessed.

When payment is
made for of computers the software will be used on, the product key will be
sent to the buyer via email which will need to be entered into each computer
that will be running the software.


When installing
Windows Linux or notepad++, it is important that you pick the right time to
install the software so that it does not interrupt any of the any of the
current activities that employees might be doing. This can result in a slower
work rate and a drop in profit for a business.

An appropriate
time to carry out the installation of software would be over the weekend or
over a holiday period when work is not happening. It also gives the installer’s
time to check if everything has been put in place correctly and also they have
time to test and run the software to make sure it is all working correctly.

Suitable communications

When the change
of software is being put into place with either Linux or notepad++, it is
important to keep in communication with everyone involved in the software
transition. This can be done via emails or through most ways of text
communication so that it is possible to go back and read over each step anytime
that is needed. This gives everyone involved in the software change a chance to
document the changes that are made so if anything goes wrong. It can be fixed
by simply going back and reading through the documents that were created which
should show what has been done wrong.

Back Out Plan

When installing
new software with either Windows Linux or Notepad++, something may not go to
plan which could cause damage to the system it is being downloaded onto.
Therefore a back out plan is created before in order to prevent anything from
going terrible wrong. This can be done through a method called Disc Imaging.
Which means you will take a copy of how the system was before the download
started. Meaning that if anything goes wrong the system can always be returned
to the state it was in before the software download was attempted.

Access and permission

To install the
software on each computer, the person installing it will need permission from
the administrator. When gaining permission it will usually include gaining a
username and a password or a code containing a number of random digits which
will give the user access to install the new software onto the system.













When a business
is carrying out an upgrade for their computers, it is very important to plan
the upgrades out before going ahead and starting them straight away. Having a
well organised plan helps everything to run clean and smoothly with less
problems and with less likelihood of running into any major problems.

For future
references, a software download plan acts as a step by step guide basically
showing clearly how everything should be done in order to ensure that any major
issues are avoided. It should also show all the changes that will be made to
the system which helps you to go back and see where problems may have occur.



When starting
the process of upgrading software, it is important to have all of the material
that you will need to perform the process. This will Include…

installation media and software

computer system

installation Guide

License product key

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