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Industrialism EssayAs a member of the United Mine Workers of America, years have passed in which the owners of the coal mine factories have not given any rights to the workers. The workers have worked really hard, in very harsh conditions at the coal mines. During these years, we have never seen our wages go up, our work days to be shorter, and our union to be recognized. Thus said, we demand a new contract to be made in order to fulfill these rights of the workers. Since, we have tried many times to negotiate with the coal mine owners and they have not given our rights any thought, we, the United Mine Workers of America, have decided to go on a strike against them.We, the United Mine Workers of America, think that rights such as higher wages, less working hours and the recognition of our union are all very important factors that affect the way we are being treated at our jobs. Our rights as a union, have been ignored for so many years, not only by the coal mine owners, but also by the engineers and firemen who have not been supporting our recent strike and rights. We are willing to negotiate with the coal mine workers, in making a better contract that can fulfill both sides’ rights equally and respectively. The strike was caused because of the low wages that have been given to us; we are not paid on a daily or weekly basis. We need shorter work days, because we have families that we have to take care of, and we cannot be working for 12 hours a day, and not getting paid well enough. We need our union to be recognized by the coal mine workers, which is called the United Mine Workers of America, so we can be supportive of each other and finally gain some rights at our jobs. The working conditions in the coal mines are terrible for our health and living, we cannot work in places where there is not enough air or water resources and is dangerous for us. We have families and children that we are taking care of, and if we are diseased we cannot pass that to others. Our decision to strike is based on many causes that we have encountered during our working hours over the years. Firstly, we the workers need higher wages, and payment. We cannot live by being paid 0.50 cents per hour, because that cannot provide us with the needs for our families. This also connects to the fact that we need better working conditions in the coal mines, because not having enough air and water can lead to many diseases going around, so we might get infected. We also need shorter working days because working from 6 a.m. to 6 p.m. does not allow and give us enough time to spend time with our families. The last cause for our strike is that our union has been ignored for the past several years, and we now need it to be recognized and respected by the coal mine owners. One of the results of the Anthracite Coal Strike of 1902, was that we the workers, did not manage to achieve the recognition of our union by the coal mine owners. President Theodore Roosevelt acted as a neutral arbitrator. This was accepted by the workers, but not accepted by the coal mine owners. We the workers were also not supported by the engineers and firemen, which they also went on a strike in earlier years regarding their working conditions. Since President Theodore Roosevelt decided step in the defuse and take part as a neutral arbitrator, we the workers though that it was a good idea to settle everything in a nice manner. However, the coal mine owners declined this offer, and Roosevelt threatened to send in federal soldiers to work at the mines. After this threat, J.P. Morgan started acting as a go-between with the mine operators. With Roosevelt’s settlement we the workers came to a negotiation with the coal mine owners and the strike was ended in March of 1903. One factor of our strike did not get settled with the owners, and that is the recognition of our union called the United Mine Workers of America. Despite the fact that our union was not recognized, we the workers did manage to have a wage increase by the end of the Coal Strike in 1903. We the miners received higher wages. This happened after the President Theodore Roosevelt stepped in to settle the situation. J.P. Morgan secured his services. Our working hours were also decreased to As analyzed above, we the United Mine Workers of America, wanted to go on a strike against the coal mine owners of the factories in Pennsylvania in 1902. We demanded higher wages, less working hours, better working conditions, and for our union to be recognized and fully respected by them. By the end of the strike, which ended in March of 1903, we managed to get higher wages, but our union was still not recognized. Although we can say, that our strike was not one hundred percent successful, we can also agree that if we had the help from the engineers and the firemen we could have made more things possible.

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