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index In financial terms, an index is a collection of statistics from a selected group of data points used to chart the growth and contraction of the markets they represent. Well known indices include the Nasdaq, the Dow Jones, the S&P 500 and the FTSE 100, but there are many others around the world. They tend to link to a certain country’s listed companies  and are often restricted to certain sectors, for example technology or commodities. They will also often pick the best performing companies within their scope (the number of which is indicated in the index’s name, for example, 100 in the FTSE 100), and stick with the same ones for a certain amount of time to trace the fluctuations in the market, even if individual companies in the index cease to be top 100 companies. However they will occasionally shuffle the pack to stay relevant.

Indonesia A country in South-East Asia comprising over 17,000 islands and covering 5,000 kilometres from east to west. It is notable from an Islamic point of view because it is the country with the largest Muslim population, and is therefore hugely influential.

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infaq Spending money in line with Allah’s will. This includes spending money on feeding and clothing one’s family, giving to the poor and needy and preparing for jihad.

inflation The rise in prices of goods and services. If prices are rising and incomes are staying the same, people have less spending power, so the value of money is effectively falling. One of the key causes of inflation is the money supply growing faster than the growth of the economy. As inflation causes the value of money to decrease, workforces demand higher wages, but this can cause industry to merely charge more for their products and services rather than take a reduction in profits. Most governments try to keep inflation low but not zero, as this can reduce the effect of recessions.

Ingeel The gospel revealed to Jesus (Isa) by the archangel Gabriel. Although often used synonymously with the New Testament of the Christian bible, they are not actually the same thing.

initial public offering (IPO) The issuance by a company of stocks or shares for the first time. An initial public offering is often referred to as ‘flotation’, ‘floating on the stock market’ or simply as an ‘offering’. Small companies can use this method to bring in an injection of capital with which to invest, but large private companies can float themselves so that they become publicly traded.

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