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In many societies,
many people are oppressed due to their genders, races, religions, sexual
orientation, and many more classifications. Although, for women it seems that
no matter what race or ethnicity or sexual orientation they are, they are
always oppressed as women. As stated by Fyre (1983), “Women are oppressed, as
women…but men are not oppressed as men”, for men can be oppressed by their
race, ethnicity, sexual orientation, financial status, but they are never
disadvantaged by being oppressed as men. Women have, and are still climbing a
long up-hill battle to achieve the same goals that men get due to different
privileges. Men already have a privilege over women due to first and foremost
their gender. Men do not have to worry about the issues women due because of
their gender. As stated by Fyre (1983) “If man has little or no material or
political power, or achieves littles of what he wants to achieve, his being
male has no part of the explanation”, men already have a higher standing than
women in the workplace due to the simple fact they are man. If a woman does not
achieve what she wants, a big part of that is due to the fact she is a woman.
For most women, it does not matter what race or class she is a part of, being a
women is a significant factor as to the hardships and she suffers in and
outside the workplace.

The most recent
news and widely known public movement of people all over the world, showing
their support to the women in Hollywood, more specifically the movie industry,
that were oppressed and taken advantage of by the powerful men within the movie
industry. Men in these high and powerful positions in the movie industry, used
their power, money, and status to belittle women to force them into doing
things they were not comfortable doing. These men took advantage of these
women, by manipulating them to believe without the men in the situation, they
were nothing and would not make it in Hollywood.  These issues are faced by women all around
the world, everyday. Women are oppressed by all different ways on top of their
gender, but also through race, religion, marital status and the list goes on. By
these women in Hollywood coming forward, it created a movement that included
not only women, but men who are ready to help fight for the rights and justice
of women. This includes inequality and injustice in the workplace, not only in
the movie industry, but in all places of work. 

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With movements
created, such as the Time Up Now movement, it will help bring equality in the
workplace, and stop the oppression of women. It does so, by having women come
forward with their stories, to show they are not being oppressed anymore and
deserve justice and equality within the workplace. By getting straight to the
problem, that men in power can and have taken advantage of women who work
beneath them. As stated by Fyre (1983) “the boundary that sets apart women’s
sphere is maintained and promoted by men generally for the benefit of men
generally”, which is the reason it is so hard to overcome this obstacle for the
equality of women in the workplace. The times up movement looks to promote
equality in the workplace, by having more female figures in high power
positions. It looks to unite female and males to bring equality and justice for
not only women, but everyone in the workplace.











Frye, Marilyn.
“Oppression.” The politics of reality:
Essays in feminist theory (1983): 1-16.

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