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In one or two sentences, define technical communicator.

A technical communicator is a person who
involves himself or herself in in a set of activities that aim to
discover, shape, and transmit information. Though technical communicators
use documents such as reports and proposal emails to communicate, the
process of making these documents is also an essential element for a
technical communicator.

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2.     In
100-150 words, describe—in your own words—how you will likely use the skills
and qualities of workplace communicators in your own career (see section on
this topic with Chapter 1).
In my career, I
would be constantly required to come up with brilliant ideas and make pitches
before potential investors, customers, and partners. This would require
collaborating with team members to come up with the ideas, therefore we would
be generous with information, sharing ideas willingly among the group members.

Furthermore, collaborating with my team would require us to be honest; not
committing to promises we cannot deliver, and not bending facts to suit our
goals. To come up with the best pitches, I’ll be required to speak clearly,
expressing myself audibly and simply before my audience. Lastly, I would be
required to be able to research, primary and secondary sources, to determine
market niches that would most likely sell to the audience.

3.     Chapter 1 lists a variety of examples of technical
communication. Provide two examples
of technical communication that you have used in the last few days.

In the last few
days, I have composed and received emails from my schoolmates and other
parties. I have also used text messages to receive information about class
schedules and assignments.



1 lists six defining characteristics of technical communication. One
characteristic is that technical communication addresses particular
readers. What are three other characteristics mentioned in the chapter?
1) Every
technical document that effectively communicates is a produced as a result
of collaboration; either by professionals inside or outside the
organization (Markel, 2013).

2) Successful technical
documents that serve their purpose always reflects the organization’s goals and
culture (Markel, 2013).

3) Technical documents that get
the work done also incorporates design to enhance readability; this may include
the use of topography, spacing, and color to make the documents look more
attractive and enhance navigability and its overall comprehension (Markel,

2 provides four areas of ethical and legal obligations that you have in
the workplace.  In two or three
sentences, describe one of these obligations in your own words.

one is hired they are expected to advance the employer’s objective and to
refrain from anything that goes against those aims, therefore one is obligated
to their employer. One is therefore required by the employer to be
competent and diligent; this means to possess the skills they claimed to
have had before they were hired, and to work hard at their job to further
the employer’s interests. Furthermore, one should willingly share with
co-workers inside and outside the organization, never embezzle or steal
from the employer, never divulge in an organization’s business outside the
company without prior permission, and always act on the employer’s best interest.

2 lists four guidelines governing the fair-use exemption, which allows you
to use copyrighted material without permission under certain conditions.

One guideline is “the nature and purpose of the copyrighted work.” What are
two of the other guidelines?
a) Another
guideline governing fair-use exemption is considering whether using the
work might affect how the original copyrighted work performs on the
market. It would not be considered ‘fair use’ if, by one using the work,
they would be affecting the original author’s potential profits to their
work (Markel, 2013).


b) Moreover, the level of
substantiality of the copied work from the original is considered. For example,
just a small passage from a several paged book would be considered ‘fair use,’
but copying a huge chunk from a 500 paged brochure would definitely not be
considered ‘fair use’ (Markel, 2013).


What is one of the advantages
of collaboration mentioned in Chapter 3? 
Explain how you might address this when you are on a team. Limit
your answer to 50 words.
helps to acclimate new hires to the organization’s structure. When on a
team, I would collaborate with a new employee on a task, being their guide
I’ll answers all their questions about work culture and job (Markel,
2013). Also, by collaborating with a new employee and setting realistic
goals, and achieving these, their morale will be boosted.


What is one of the disadvantages
of collaboration mentioned in Chapter 3? 
Explain how you might address this when you are on a team. Limit
your answer to 50 words.
may reduce one’s motivation as they may feel alienated from the group. To
address this, I would encourage everyone to air their opinions, create a
team atmosphere where members will be able to communicate openly,
honestly, and respectfully (Markel, 2013). Team members will also be
encouraged to take acceptable risks in communication, advocating their
position, and taking reasonable action. By doing as mentioned above, every
team member will have a sense of belonging to the group (Markel, 2013).


your own words, describe a suggestion for communicating diplomatically
discussing an issue or concern with your co-workers or teammates. Limit your answer to 100 words.

Collaboration is
stressful and always leads to interpersonal conflicts. To communicate
diplomatically, a teammate should not be scolded for disagreeing, moreover,
disagreements should be anticipated and appreciated. Individuals in the team
should be encouraged to communicate their thoughts and honestly concerning the
matter of interest, other team members should hear them out and try to
understand their opinions (Markel, 2013). Team members should also be able to
ask questions for clarity about other people’s suggestions and spend their time
trying to understand them; forming rebuttals while another team member is
expressing their views is to be greatly discouraged (Markel, 2013).

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