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In the past some years, information technology have become progressively
essential part of the lives of the people, inducing such things as
communication, artistic accomplishments, and techniques of teaching and learning.
There is an increasing consent between educators and the general public that
technology should play a more important part in students’ education. However,
the question is whatever technology has introduced into the classroom has a
positive effect on teaching and learning is still under a lot of debate between
the educational communities. As educators continually attempt to find the best techniques
for students to learn, new technology and techniques to use it has become the part
of that development. This new emphasis on technological knowledge carries up a
number of significant structure, self-regulated learning skills, and
motivation. Does a high level of technology addition in classroom truly associate
with more effective learning? In the case of online courses, do any of the students
become too isolated and are prevented from social connections
that might also advantage their learning? Finally, based on current research about
technology in education, how can teachers learn how best to use it in their classrooms
to promote effective learning? From my own individual experience as a student I
know that fundamentals of computer technology that I used all over my
elementary and secondary school years such as educational games, word
processors, and even online research materials facilitated to make learning and
schoolwork easier and more enjoyable at times. Yet the simple use of computer
media did help me and developed an effective learning skill, or was that due to
other factors and technology was just one method used to reach that point. My
research literature review tries to look into this idea of precisely how
technology can be used for effective learning and the role teachers must play
in this process. This literature analysis also discusses the benefits and difficulties
of integrating technology into the program and provides strategies researchers
have concluded and contributed to the success of technology curriculums.

technology developers have an extraordinary chance to promote learning and particular
requirements of teachers and students. Addressing these requirements using
technology requires a mutual understanding of both the best practices for
instruction and learning, and how technology can best be used to promote those
best practices for students and teachers. Key features that support activities research
put forward are highly likely to promote student learning consist of:
supporting various methods and contexts, increasing motivation and confidence,
providing feedback and active evaluation, utilizing remote learning, supporting
teamwork, building on previous experiences, learning in a social setting, and
teaching with technology.

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