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In the first phase, I
had to establish what services are required in designing my applications and
the constraints on the system’s operation and development. This is done via
listing the applications’ functional and non-functional requirements. Then, in
the second phase, I had to design the system based on the requirements I listed.

This phase helps in specifying hardware and system requirements and helps in
defining the overall system architecture. Then in the third phase, I develop
the system in small programs called units using inputs from the application or
system design. This will be touched in more detail in the next chapter. The
fourth phase is the integration phase, where all units developed are integrated
into one whole system and tested for functionalities and errors. The fifth
stage represents the deployment phase where the application is deployed to be
released. This phase is not followed since my project was not released to the
market. I followed the sixth phase since there were some issues with the sites
and I found other functionalities that could be added into the two applications
in the future. This phase is discussed in the Future Work section of this

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            Before going into the design of the applications, I am
going to discuss the diagrams that will be drawn to assist in the designs.

Firstly, the use case diagram 12. Use case diagrams depict the set
of actions the application should be able to do with one or more users (or
actors) to interact with. The second diagram that will be drawn is the activity
diagram 13. The activity diagram is a graphical representation
depicting the step-by-step action to be performed by an actor on the
application. The last diagram is the state diagram 14. The state
diagram describes the state and behaviour of a component in the system. Since
the applications built are quizzing applications, the main component is viewing
and answering quizzes. For the design of the database, ER diagram (entity-relationship
diagram) was drawn. An ER diagram 15 is a graphical representation
of a system that describes relationship between entities (users, objects,
places, concepts, places, etc.)
within that system.

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