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In this modern era,
getting customer attention or satisfying customers seems to be a challenge
faced by multiple banks. I would like to conduct a survey on the factors that
affects customers’ satisfaction among banking sector. Nowadays, banks come up
with some fresh, innovative, and well-being marketing strategy to be on par
with their competition. The ultimate purpose is to satisfy the customer needs.

Kotler (2000) defines the
term “Customer satisfaction” as ‘a person’s feeling of pleasure or
disappointment resulting from comparing a product’s perceived performance (or
outcome) in relation to his or her expectations.’ Putting it differently,
customer satisfaction leads to customer loyalty and eventually affects the
profitability of the product, Hallowell (1996). If customers are satisfied with
an exquisite service/product offered after using it, it is expected that the
customer will continue to engage in repeatable transaction or even try on
multiple line extensions and thus a significant growth in their market share.

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The importance of the
customer satisfaction can be seen through the slogan “the customer is
always right” (Fecciková, 2004). If the customers are satisfied then they
will be loyal with the organization and the customers who are dissatisfied with
the service will express it with others regarding their behavior (Zeelenberg
& Pieters, 2004). The negative behavior of the customer will affect or
worse, jeopardize the financial profits of the organization. Consumers can
convey their negative feedbacks to other customer, in result affect the
reputation of the organization in a negative manner, whereas a good service
delivery will spread the information by “word of mouth” and will
positively impact the reputation of the organization (Babin & Harris, 2012).
A research study has revealed that an unsatisfied customer will convey his
feelings and bad experience to nine other people (Hoffman & Bateson, 2010).
This negative “word of mouth” can be very devastating for the
reputation of the organization and its profits (Hussain, Al Nasser, &
Hussain, 2014).

This study was conducted
to identify the factors that affect customers’ satisfaction among banking
sector particularly from age of 18 to 65. The problem statement is “what
are the factors that affect the satisfaction of the banking industry?”

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