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In my opinion leadership is a quality that comes from within. One must have a natural inclination to serve people, and flair to make vital, informed decisions and long-term positive effects. A good leader must respect the power bestowed in him, and should be honest and transparent in his actions and work towards bringing pride to the group or organization being led. When I was in my sophomore year, I was driven to create a culture of optimism at college for junior as well as senior students. The main objective behind this was to make student future ready, so when they complete their bachelor program they’re not just have a degree but also multiple qualities driven by passion to achieve great heights in their respective careers. Patience is really courage that’s meant to test your commitment to your cause. It took almost three months to promote the idea, but it was worth it. _AURA Foundation_ peddled its way to success. We started partnering with organizations to host events. In 2015, after 2 years of efforts, Technical Festival of Gujarat Technological University-2015 at SAL Institute of Technology, conceptualized and organised completely by the club.Being the executive committee member of cultural festival, I managed “Marketing & Public Communications” for Panache-2014; a cultural festival which also hosted a concert by leading female artist, Anushka Manchanda.  Later, I did an internship at _IBNC-India_, which organizes various technological seminars all over India on Python, Cloud Computing, Big Data and many more. After managing few seminars, I was announced as Campus Ambassador for events in Ahmedabad city in February 2015. As part of my final year project I pursued internship at _Quixom Technology_, by the time I completed my internship at _Quixom Technology_, I grew from a trainee to trainer as I had 2 junior interns working in my team to whom I was imparting training in python. Understanding the power of motivation and inspirations, I partnered with _Youthemism Career Pvt. Ltd_. to start their initiative _”The Youth Kabila”_ on our campus. This initiative prepared students to face the industry by providing lectures from industry experts and organizing programs like Cognitive Brain Development and Skill Development.  All these experiences have collectively shaped my personality and sharpened my leadership skills, which I would like to continue building upon while studying at _Texas A&M University, Commerce_. I hope to take up leadership roles that will make me an active and valuable member of the diverse student community.

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