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“In our every deliberation, we must consider the impact
of our decisions on the next seven generations.” This is from the 7th
generation Principal practiced by the Iroquois Indians, who were some of the
first to inhabit the United States and were able to sustain an equilibrium of
innovations as well as the preservation of past achievements. The Martian Chronicles written by Ray Bradbury
narrates a story of inhabiting Mars after Earth becomes a wasteland due to the
ignorance of humans. Throughout the story Bradbury infers that Earth is doomed
and results in multiple Mars expeditions and how the humans are looking for their
plan B instead of trying to mend the disaster back on Earth. This didactic
novel portrays a lesson that the people on Earth are always in search for the better instead of maintaining
their current way of life, prepping for the future or learning from the past. Furthermore,
this lesson is depicted through the story by the many failed attempts to Mars
while Earth is slowing crumbling and the effects of negligence toward past
experiences that could enhance the future.            Determination
is overcoming any obstacles to achieve the task on hand, whereas greed is a
desire for something while overlooking any possible repercussions or outcomes.

In the novel The Martian Chronicles there
is determination to colonize Mars while Earth is slowing dying but the driving
factor for these missions is greed. The humans on Earth continue to send men to
Mars, after many failed attempts, for potential colonization but are blind to
the fact that Earth needs preserving instead of giving up and destroying
another planet, “We Earth Men have a talent for ruining big, beautiful
things.”(54) Jeffrey Spender, an archeologist along one of the Mars
missions, said this to back up his idea that the expeditions are only going to
ruin the Martian colonies along with Earth. After a few semi successful attempts
at beginning an Earth civilization on Mars readers find out that the Martian
race has been swiped out because of a human disease, “If only we’d given the
Martians time to arrange their death robes, lie down, look fit, and think up
some other excuse for dying. It can’t be a dirty, silly thing like chicken pox.”
(51) The humans cleared an entire civilization by being on Mars for a short
period of time, it only takes time before more mass destructions occurs and
Mars is doomed like Earth. In this story, the human race of philosophers and
space travelers are looking for the big, and the better while their home is
being wreaked slowly and they just continue to “improve” life, “Ignorance is fatal.” The casualties and
inevitable end of the world is an ending that can be prevented if the human
race can open their eyes to see that what is current has to be preserved so
that failure is not the end.             A child is
misbehaving and is severely injured, there is a high percent chance that
history will not repeat itself and the child will not misbehave in that way
again. If the child can learn from past mistakes, then why can’t the human
learn from theirs. “People got lost in a mechanical wilderness, like children making
over pretty things, gadgets, helicopters, rockets; emphasizing the wrong items,
emphasizing machines instead of how to run the machines. Wars got bigger and
bigger and finally killed Earth. (123) Mars is where the mistakes of the
Earth men need to be fixed but these Earth men are too mesmerized by Mars that
the past is only a mere vision and is frequently overlooked. Mars is a human untouched
world and has the opportunity to be the next Earth but unless brought to light
the mistakes history tends to repeat itself, “The rockets set the bony meadows afire, turned rock to lava,
turned wood to charcoal, transmuted water to steam, made sand and silica into
green glass which lay like shattered mirrors reflecting the invasion.” (78) It
is just the beginning of Mars becoming a highly trafficked area and already the
once untouched and pure land is on its path to becoming twins with Earth. Past
and history have to be remembered so that the same mess ups and mistakes can’t
happen again and the human ignorance has to be mended or the fate of Mars will
be doomed.

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            Humans advancements in technology
and science are extraordinary breakthroughs that enrich the lives of many every
day. Although the human race has new and improved, they must cherish and
embrace the current or this lesson that Ray Bradbury is teaching will lead to
doom like Earth in the story. The earth men are like children in a candy store
when they land on Mars but there is no adult to keep them from ruining the pure
façade that Mars holds which leads to a failed restart of the human race.

Overall, there can be excitement in scientific and technological breakthroughs
but once the human race forgets how important the current resources that are
present now, Earth could end up like at the end of this novel.

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