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the reference article, Sosa stated that in the context of conceptual
relativism, the idea of schemes is extremely important since it is inherently
relative to the perspective of the person who is upholding the particular
belief. However, it is crucial to realize that the belief that gives rise to
the schema can be controlled by cultural aspects. In the article itself, the
idea of a “snowdiscall” was rendered preposterous since its existence is
inherently dependent upon the schema of the snowball itself. In the same idea,
if the schema was altered culturally, there would be infinitely varying perceptions
including the idea of existence. For example, in most cultures, it is believed
that murder of another human individual is considered a sin. This thought
creates a specific schema in relation to the value of human life. However, in
other cultures, specifically the “Korowai tribe in Papua New Guinea,
consumption of humans is deemed acceptable” (Rettner, 2015). This culture has a
conceptually skewed perspective compared to most of society, and definitely
possesses varying schema. Thus, the members of this tribe many have a differing
idea on non-absolute existence, since the idea of morality and ethics heavily
differ due to cultural relativism. In the second part of the argument, the
absolutist theory is not all inclusive. Per the snowball example, if a section
of the disc was removed from the “snowdiscall”, the theory states that the
resulting entity is no longer considered a snowball. However, this idea does
not apply to all aspects of existence. For example, certain military or war
veterans have suffered from amputations due to complications from combat. With
the absolutist theory, since an extremity or component from the veteran is
removed, the veteran should no longer be human. This is clearly not the case,
since the human still possesses full functionality as a human. Thus, the
absolutist theory has potential for exceptions. The last argument states that all
aspects of reality fall under a scale of absolutism to conceptual relativism.
For example, certain subjects such as mathematics or chemistry, fall under the
ideals of the absolutist theory, where every component of the whole has its own
identity and function. Therefore, alteration of any aspect or variable, will
alter the entity as a whole. On the opposing side, certain subjects, such as
art or history value and utilize the idea of conceptual relativism. In this
sense, there are multiple aspects since all of the schemas vary due to
differing cultural and informational processing. Thus, it is crucial to realize
that all existence falls into the scale between absolutism and conceptual

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