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In the tragedy of Romeo and Juliet by William Shakespeare, simple errors of judgement make the difference between life and death. There are many instances in the play where the teens make  hasty decisions that lead to their demise. Romeo and Juliet make rash decision in ways they handle personal relationships, conflict, and despair.Romeo and Juliet dive into their relationship very quickly. In the beginning of the play Romeo felt as though Rosline was his only love, and he would never get over the hurt she caused him. He would be found “with tears augmenting the fresh morning’s dew”(I. 1. 128), or in his room with the curtains pulled where the “sad hours seem long”(I. 1. 159). Romeo was hopelessly in love with Rosaline until he laid eyes on Juliet at the party. When Romeo saw Juliet he was consumed with her physical beauty. He asked himself, “did my heart love till now?” (1. 5. 50) He does not take the time to think if he is ready for a relationship, or consider if it was lust he felt and not love.  Romeo and Juliet’s death could have been avoided if they thought about what they were actually feeling.In addition to being impulsive in the way he handles his romantic life, Romeo is also impetuous in times of conflict. When Romeo first encountered Tybalt he tried to keep the peace, and was generally responsible with his actions. But as soon as Mercutio was killed, Romeo lost his ability to reason. With Tybalt “Alive in triumph—and Mercutio slain!” Romeo does “Away with heaven, and respective lenity, And lets fire-eyed fury be his conduct.”(3. 1. 84-86) He knew killing Tybalt would end with him getting into trouble with the prince, but he does it anyway. Murdering tybalt not only guaranteed his banishment from his beloved JUliet but it also drives Capulet’s decision to rushing Juliet’s marriage to Paris. Romeo’s decision to kill Tybalt was what sealed their tragic ending. Lastly Romeo’s Impulsiveness directly results In his own and Juliet’s death.

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