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this study about sexual harassment in the workplace, a twenty-question survey
was given. This survey has a combination of closed and open ended questions. A
variety of question types are used as this subject matter requires a
combination of ordinal data and personal reporting to give the most thorough
results. This survey is being administered to a Stratified Random Sample group
at various local businesses, ranging from retail locations to corporations. The
sample group being stratified is especially important to this survey, we can
then look at how people of different levels of social class and ethnicity are affected
by sexual harassment and if there is a correlation between the two. Stratified random
sampling is the best way to go about this survey, as it will give the most
accurate representative sample.

chose to create my survey about sexual harassment in the workplace as in the
past several months and beyond this has been a very important topic in U.S. society.
With movements like #MeToo and Time’s Up I wanted to look more into this
incredibly divisive topic. At first, I simply wanted to find a credible
definition of what sexual harassment is so that I have a base line of
understanding. After doing some digging, I found a definition that even relates
back to sexual harassment in the work place. “sexual harassment is a workplace stressor
that poses a threat to a woman’s psychological and physical integrity and security, in a context in
which she has little control because of the risk of retaliation and the fear of
losing her livelihood.” (Piotrkowski
Chaya S. Sexual Harassment: Psychosocial
and Organizational Factors

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Date retrieved Jan. 30, 2018

While reading this article a came across a
term that I thought would help to define my survey further. That term is “quid
pro quo harassment”, this kind of harassment is directly linked to the
workplace as it is when a person is subjected to either the request or demands of
sexual acts for various malicious reasons (I.E. a raise, promotion, threats of
being fired if non-compliant). (American Bar Association The Law and Your Job: Sexual Harassment Date Retrieved: Jan. 30,
2018  After learning this information, I concluded
that I would conduct my study to gather information on whether or not people have
experienced sexual harassment in the workplace.

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