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In this essay I will be mostly talking about the ideas of
Thomas Jefferson and Alexander Hamilton. I will try to go into a lot of details
of their lives and there personal backgrounds. As well as the impacts of the
Civil war and the shaping of the United States. Also I will be talking about
the relations they had with each other, their ideas and beliefs.

            There is a
big difference with Jefferson’s ideas and Hamilton’s, as well as their early
lives. Hamilton was born in the West Indies and raised on the Caribbean island
of St. Croix. When Hamilton was about the age of 13, a disastrous, hurricane
struck the island and did a lot of damage in the area. Hamilton wrote a detailed
description of the storm that impressed all who read it. A few prominent
leaders arranged to send the talented teenager to New York, where he could get
the education he deserved. He should a lot of potential to all who met him.
With no money or family connections to help him become someone in the world, he
made his way on ability ambition, and charm. George Washington recognized Hamilton’s
talents early in the Revolutionary War. Washington made the young man his personal
assistant. Near the end of the war, Hamilton improved his fortunes by marrying
Elizabeth Schuyler. His new wife came from one of New York’s richest and most
powerful families. With her family’s political backing, Hamilton was elected to
represent New York in Congress after the war. Later, he served as a delegate
from New York to the Constitutional Convention.

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was born in Virginia to a wealthy and respected family. One of ten children, he
was gifted with many talents. As a boy, he learned to ride, hunt, sing, dance,
and play the violin. A fun fact about him was that Later, he carried a violin
with him in all his travels. With land inherited from his father, Jefferson set
himself up as a Virginia tobacco planter. Once he was established as a planter,
Jefferson entered Virginia politics. As a politician, he lacked the ability to
make stirring speeches. Instead, Jefferson spoke eloquently with his pen. His
words in the Declaration of Independence and other writings are still read and
admired today. As well his writing helps people see his ideas and see that his
ideas made sense. Also his writing helped him spread his ideas and beliefs of
how things should be. It also got him a lot of recognition.

Hamilton, was the Secretary of Treasury, and Thomas Jefferson, was the
Secretary of State, were brought together in the cabinet by George Washington.
Jefferson and Hamilton had differing views on the economy, the Constitution, the
Bank of the United States, and the government’s financial state. They both wanted
the best for the country, but they saw different means to get to that end. Jefferson
and Hamilton had some agreements but mostly they saw things differently.

             Such as Hamilton believed that there should be
a strong federal government, Jefferson believed that the states should be
stronger. Hamilton thought senators and presidents should be elected for life.
Jefferson did not. Hamilton was a strong supporter of a national bank and help
form it, Jefferson thought this was unconstitutional. Unfortunately they had too
much of different opinions on matters that they had to form two different parties.
Which in the end helped cause a civil war in my opinion as well as the
information I will be talking about.

            By 1860 and
a year away from the civil war the voters had a choice of four major parties Northern
Democrat, Southern Democrat, Republican, and the Constitutional-Union Party. Thomas
Jefferson and James Madison formed the Democratic Party in 1792 and held
considerable power in the years leading up to the civil war. The northerners
who wanted to abolish slavery founded the Republican Party where they held a
lot of Hamilton’s ideas. There was also the Constitutional-Union Party who wanted
to avoid secession over the slavery issues and was formed by the former Whigs. They
had one big difference and goal which was “to recognize no political
principle other than the Constitution of the country, the Union of the states,
and the Enforcement of the Laws”.  A
lot of the ideas that people argued about were in a way influenced by Thomas Jefferson
and alexander Hamilton.

            The things
that pushed U.S. to civil war was the disagreements on how things should have
been. Some things like the Missouri Compromise, the Dred Scoot Decision, and
the Abolitionist Movement and so on. A lot of the conflict was about the slaves
even thought it was not the main intention of the war but became the main
reason in the end. The different ideas that Thomas Jefferson and alexander Hamilton
did help people choose different ideas and beliefs.

            Thomas Jefferson
and Alexander Hamilton ideas and beliefs are still in discussion to this day
from the ones we didn’t adapt already. One of Hamilton’s revolutionary views,
still relevant today is an active federal government that encourages new fields
of enterprise and fosters investment and entrepreneurship. Jefferson’s most fundamental
political belief that is still relevant to our government is “absolute
acquiescence in the decisions of the majority”. To this day they help us think
of better ways to improve our government.

















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Causes Of The Civil War

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