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In my essay I will be explaining how utilitarianism applies to abortion. Abortion is defined as any act that leads to the termination of pregnancy in a bid to prevent the development of a baby and consequently prevent its birth. Abortion is still one of the biggest issues as far as its ethical implications are concerned. Utilitarianism is an idea based on the belief that people can assess the moral side of any action by considering its supply of happiness to people. It can be linked to consequentialism which is based on the idea that the outcome determines the morality of an action. The phrase “the greatest good for the greatest number of people” is usually used in the description of utilitarianism. Utilitarianism focuses mostly on the consequences in an effort to make the greatest amount of people happy; that is used to justify the action. From a utilitarianism perspective, abortion is viewed with respect to the amount of happiness pleasure and pain it entails. An action can be considered moral if it takes the interest of the greatest number of people into consideration. When discussing abortion, the fetus must be considered first. There is a possibility that the future of the fetus may be destined to be happy and also that the way the abortion is carried out may end up being painful to the fetus. If the procedure is carried out early and in a way that is painless, then there is no pain associated with abortion as far as the fetus is concerned. The fetus depends on the mother, so if it poses a significant risk to the health of the mother, then it should be aborted. This can be considered a moral act if abortion is done early enough while the fetus or child is determined to be irrational and lack consciousness. Abortion can also be deemed moral if the child will live a life in which they will always be treated undesirable because the child was born out of rape. In the long run this will lead to unhappiness in the society, the mother as well as to the child. Not choosing to abort a rape child is a case where not exploring abortion is could bring the greatest sorrow to the society. With respects to abortion utilitarianism takes into consideration the happiness of everybody in the society. By considering the interest of the greater part of the society and weighing the options, the most acceptable solution to the issue is most likely to come up.

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