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In this fast growing world, only few
get the chance to complete high school, even fewer get to go to college, and just
a handful are fortunate enough to pursue graduate studies. Being born and
raised in India, I have witnessed first-hand the disparity between the haves
and the have-nots. My academic and professional endeavours over the past four
years are an attempt at fulfilling the responsibility that comes with my good
fortune of being in the haves. In what follows, I discuss how these experiences
have shaped my interests and led me to my pursuit of an academic career in
Automotive Engineering. During my school days, driven by curiosity, I used to
solve problems in mathematics and physics that were not part of the regular
curriculum. My fascination for mechanical devices and probing into its
underlying fundamentals and principles naturally led me to choose Mechanical
Engineering as my major at the undergraduate level. My innate strengths have
always been creative abilities and the power of imagination. Pursuing
engineering allowed me to channel them in the best possible way. I have made a
sincere effort to achieve a solid foundation in Mechanical Engineering balancing
both intellectual and practical experiences. Practical experiences that I have
gained during my bachelor are internships in Daikin Air Conditioning and APS
GmbH – European Center for Mechatronics. This gave me the chance to work with a
team of highly dedicated and enthusiastic minds. This eventually helped me to
promote my practical, communication and management skills. Courses like Machine
Design, Thermodynamics and Heat Transfer gave me insights into the immense
scope for research in Mechanical Engineering. In my junior and sophomore years,
I engaged myself in learning several programming languages. Guiding myself through
the understanding gained from a plethora of projects, I narrowed down my focus
to automotive engineering, especially to application of mechatronics in this
field. To learn about automobile and its internal functions, to work on its
elements and structures is my utmost zeal and to materialize my zeal I want to
pursue my Master’s degree in Automotive Engineering from Chalmers University of
Technology, as it is a well-reputed institute in the world and also by making this
choice I hope to get in touch with the leading automobile manufacturers and do
research work related to my field. It will lead me to pursue my career in a way
as I dreamed of. Chalmers University is an excellent research institute where I
can get in touch with people of diverse societies and can learn from their
culture. I want to be a part of this institute to realize my dream and to
implement my knowledge for the advancement of the society and mankind. I
believe strongly that this program will not only fulfill my passion for
applying mathematical theory to solving complex problems, but will also give me
the opportunity to leverage my analytical skills and industry experience to
contribute to the program’s intellectual diversity. I will be honored if I get
an opportunity to pursue the master’s degree in Automotive Engineering at your
premier institute.

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