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In a futuristic society, lives an eleven year old boy, Jonas. The world Jonas lives in is a place that excludes fear, pain, hatred, war, and all negativity. The residents rely on a uniformed society to drive any prejudice away. Everyone in the community leads the same lifestyle. At age twelve, a person is assigned a job, once the person is old enough they are assigned spouses compatible for them, which then the couple is assigned two children which are provided by birthmothers. Once the couple reaches an age that has no use for the community, they are taken away from society. For years, this has been the continuous cycle of an organized life.

Jonas however, is different than others in the community, physically and mentally. In a world of black and white, literally, he sees color. When Jonas turns twelve and is ready to take on a job, he is assigned the position as Receiver of Memories. This position is for the receiver to collect all the memories of the past, so the community won’t make the same mistakes in the future. In the process of Jonas’ job, he meets a man and calls him The Giver. The Giver shows Jonas a collection of memories, good and painful. The Giver shows Jonas that the community traded love and suffering for a place of nothing, but peace. Because of this, Jonas becomes angry at the community for not being able to feel the real joy of life, a life of trials, and a life of choices. The Giver also shows Jonas what “being taken from society” really means, death.

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Through the feeling of frustration and anger, Jonas and The Giver make up a plan to change the community. When getting ready to leave for Jonas’ journey, he finds out that his younger brother, Gabriel, will have to be taken out from society due to Gabriel not being strong enough. Jonas has a special bond with Gabriel because he can also see the memories. Jonas feels he has no choice, but to take Gabriel with him for Gabriel’s safety.

Once Jonas and Gabriel sneak away, they find places they’ve have never experienced before, leaving them with many areas to explore with their story unfinished.   

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